Putting a Price on Art by Ben Calvert

Over on the Bohemian Jukebox blog, our friend Ben Calvert discusses the value of art and raises some interesting points about the reasonable price of music in today’s age of free downloads:

“There’s a shop in Birmingham that stocks photography, illustration, t-shirts, tote bags, jewellery, books and CDs that have been created by artists living In Birmingham. Artists can set the price and sell their products through the shop, with a generous 75% of the sale going to the artist. I took a stroll there on Saturday 24th April so that the shop could stock my latest album The Broken Family DaySaver.

I filled in a delivery note, pricing 5 CDs at £80 each, and handed it to a member of staff. He was taken aback at the price I’d put on my music. He said that £80 was too much to charge for a CD………”

Find the full article on the Bohemian Jukebox blog here.

In the meantime, here’s what Ben got up to when he came in to Blue Whale Studios recently:


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