Listen to Episode 7 of In The Belly feat. Scarlet Harlots, 35 Seconds, Jamie Clayton, Johnny Foreigner & Miss Halliwell

Below is Episode 7 of In The Belly for your listening pleasure. Guests joining Andy Roberts this week are Greg Bird & JP White from This is Tomorrow and John Napier from Jugend Klub.

In The Belly 24th June by In The Belly Radio Show


1. ‘Halcyon’ by Scarlet Harlots

Geoff from Scarlet Harlots working with Dom James at Blue Whale Studios

2. ‘Causers of This’ by Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi @ The Hare & Hounds, Monday 12th July

3. ‘Amblecote’ by Miss Halliwell (Back catalogue now available from Amazon)

4. ‘Ever Cloakroom Every’ by Johnny Foreigner

Alternative version of the JoFo classic

5. ‘Summertime’ by Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton, prepping for recording at Blue Whale

6. ‘Wall With Your Face On’ by Of Pandas and People

7. ‘Chew’ by 35 Seconds

8. ‘One Track Lover’ by Dr. Lucian Sanchez (Synthia Remix)

9. ‘Fresh’ by Devo

10. ‘Indie Medley – (Love Will Tear Us Apart/How I Wrote Elastic Man/Take the Skinheads Bowling/Bigmouth Strikes Again)’ Frank Sidebottom (RIP)

RIP Frank Sidebottom (and Chris Sievey as well of course)


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