Become A Popstar For A Day – Recording Studio Experiences

Become a Popstar for a Day!

Do you have Gaga's Gift?

Fancy yourself as the next big thing? Well with Blue Whale Studio’s popstar packages, you can prove to your friends and family that you’ve got what it takes.

Choose from one of our programs which enable you to experience a professional recording studio, perfecting your performance and then take home a mixed CD or DVD of your shining moment.

Or, with our Superstar DJ Experience you can learn the skills you need to master on the decks to become king of the clubs.

Wish you were Will.I.Am?

Bronze Package £129

Tired of singing in the shower? Fed up with using a hair brush as a pretend microphone in your bedroom? Want to live the life of a popstar? Then why not experience a professional recording studio to finally put your pop credentials to the test?

This introductory package will get you one hour in a professional, commercial recording environment and allow you the opportunity to prove to your friends and family that you have an outstanding talent.

Choose from thousands of songs and take home your very own professionally recorded and mixed CD. This could just be the start of your glittering career!

This package would also make the perfect gift for a loved one with a passion to start a carrier in the music industry.

Can you belt it out like Beyonce?

Silver Package £179

Are you constantly telling your friends and family that you’re the next big thing? Well now you can prove it by creating your own professionally mixed CD.

This package includes two hours in a commercial recording studio with an experienced producer who will guide you through the essentials of making a hit record and unleashing your vocal potential.

Record a version of your favourite song, choosing from our library of backing tracks.

Can you get the crowd jumpin' like Jay-Z?

Gold Package £349

This unbeatable two hour package not only allows you to make your own version of a hit song, but you will be filmed during the process. You will be able to take away a professionally mixed CD of your chosen track as well as a DVD of your studio experience to show the world what they’re missing! The footage will be edited and formatted for you to upload to the internet, showcasing you potentially to millions world wide!

Go on, the camera loves you!

Can you put Tiesto to the test?

Superstar DJ Experience £129

Do you want to flip a record from side to side, rocking the party to keep the crowd alive?

In this 2 hour course you can learn the fundamentals of DJing, whether you want to learn how to beat match, mix or scratch, this package will introduce you to the skills needed to cut it as a superstar club DJ!

For more information call 0121 247 1680.


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