Review: Hot Monocles @TheFlapperBrum by @JeffStuka

Hot Monocles
The Flapper
9th July 2010

Hot Monocles?  What kind of a name is that to put on the lips of unsuspecting people.  Or in the eyes for that matter.  Dirty boys. It’s a long time since I’ve seen a band on stage that has this amount of… well, wow factor isn’t quite the way to describe it.  I suppose polished commercialism is nearer to the mark.

First impressions from their dramatic Muse tinged opener is that they could shift a lot of units. The last occasion on which I experienced such a resonance was a certain band called Snowfield and we all know what happened to them don’t we.  The brick walls of The Flapper struggle to hold in an expansive progressive sound, reminiscent of the pomp of Led Zeppelin and Queen. It would be better placed belting out of 50 foot stacks to a baying arena sized crowd.

Sadly though, the quality of the early part of the set peters away towards the middle, with the descent towards rock pastiche doing little to sustain interest. Unprocessed padding slipped in to fill time.  Perhaps a shorter, tauter set would suit better until they have enough quality material to achieve a consistent standard. Sadly, having started with such potential they fail to sustain it and by the time they’re doing encores I’m looking at my watch and wondering when to leave for the bus.  Shame.

At My Door by hotmonocles

Jeff Stuka


One response to “Review: Hot Monocles @TheFlapperBrum by @JeffStuka

  1. Not a sound you hear every night at The Flapper. Or any pub, for that matter. They are the kings of Queen.

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