Brave or Invincible Debut Mixtape to Feature Blue Whale Artists @boirecords

Songs by Jamie Clayton and Savant recorded at Blue Whale Studios are to be featured on the debut mixtape on Birmingham’s Brave or Invincible Records. Released on cassette, each with its own individual artwork and a free download code, the mixtape will feature a number of up and coming artists from around the UK including Tiny Cinema, Katerwaul, There Will Be Fireworks and Minion TV amongst others.

Callum Joynes and Nick Moreton from the label give the Blue Whale Blog the lowdown on the pending release –

I see that 100% of the Birmingham based artists on the mixtape have recorded their tunes at Blue Whale. Is this because there is LITERALLY NO WHERE ELSE IN THE CITY worth recording at?

“We selected the Birmingham artists really based on the music. Jamie Clayton has played with our artist Tiny Cinema several times in the past and we love his stuff. Purely coincidence really…but Andy did recommend Savant. And the recordings do all sound great.”

How did you go about picking the artists? Have you worked with any of them before or did you purely just hear the tune sand decide to include them on the mix tape?

“We basically picked the artists based on music we’ve been listening to and finding out about anyway. We’re all big music fans and so it really hasn’t been too hard to find some really good bands and really good songs.”

Savant to be featured on BOI Mixtape Vol. 1

Tape players are a thing of the past, my 18 year old nephew hasn’t even heard of cassettes- why choose an extinct format when the shiny new fangled internet can do wondrous things?

“The new fangled internet is great for music, the mp3 is so convenient, and you can fit literally millions of songs on an mp3 player literally the size of a peanut. Literally.

“But there is still a great need and want for an interesting and desirable physical product. This is a need that the CD does not fulfil, but we believe that a cassette tape can. We have a strong belief that cassette tapes are hugely culturally important in musical history, and people recognise that significance and want to celebrate it.

BOI Mixtape artwork by Ben Ricketts

“The tapes are limited to 100, will have unique handmade artwork by brilliant artists and designers and each one will be 100% individual. This project is cool as fuck, and we are so excited about it.

“Tell me now you won’t buy one.”

The BOI Mixtape Vol. 1 will be released on 19th July and will be available from


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