Listen again to In The Belly Episode 6

Have a listen to episode 6 of In The Belly broadcast 10pm on 10th June on Rhubarb Radio.

In The Belly is Blue Whale Studios very own radio show where we play the latest tunes to be recorded at our luuuurverly recording studio as well as the tracks that are turning on our guests on at the mo.

Guests this week are Greg Bird from This is Tomorrow / Flamingo Flame, John Napier from Jugend Klub and his Waler partner Vincent Gould.

Track Listing:

1. ‘Soft as A Sledge Hammer’ by Eurovision Reject

2. ‘Unconditional’ by Black Market Empire

Black Market Empire

3. ‘Thriller’ by Band of The Cold Stream Guards

4. ‘Glue’ by Joyous

5. ‘The Late Night Love In’ by Bryn Bowen & The Shalfonts

Bryn Bowen & The Shalfonts

6. ‘We Are North Korea’ by The Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think Tank

7. ‘Release The Beast’ by Den Haan

8. ‘What Good Am I?’ by Tom Jones

Tom Jones - The sexiest, most manliest man in the entire world

9. ‘When it Happens’ by 10 Guitars

10. ‘New York Is Killing Me’ by Gil Scott-Heron

11. ‘Apocrypha’ by Is I Cinema


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