Top 5 Real Guilty Pleasures by John ‘Jugend Klub’ Napier

Top 5 Real Guilty Pleasures by John Napier

The crazed camp-disco pop crusader behind Jugend Klub and one half of Waler, John Napier, has not only gatecrashed our In The Belly radio show, he has also taken over our blog with this top five “Guilty Pleasures” post. Be warned, it’s bad meaning bad:

This is a list of proper guilty pleasures. Not easily justifiable choices like the theme from ‘Footloose’ (yes, pretty much anything from the 80s is “cool” these days, you pussy) but proper, hardcore cheese, the sort of songs that’ll make you wince when you hear someone defending them.

1. ‘Story Of A Heart’ by Benny Andersson Band Story Of A Heart

To some, this late 2009 offering from ABBA legend Benny Andersson, will undoubtedly sound over-blown, twee and ridiculous, but to me it’s a soaring piece of power-pop perfection. All songs should sound like this. In fact, I don’t know why people bother making music in any other genre. I wish every song on Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ had sounded exactly like this.

2. ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ by Cascada

Everyone seems to be re-evaluating the 80s these days, particularly those genres previously (and may I add, hypocritically) dismissed by the ruling punk fraternity as frivolous and banal, so there’s a certain sense of righteous glee in unearthing the forbidden fruit of 80s Euro disco. However, Cascada is modern Euro disco and as such is not likely to receive the same sympathetic ear as its predecessors do. But for me, this song is like cock rock: Those first stabs of synth give me a similar feeling to hearing guitar riffs by ACDC or ‘Jump’ by Van Halen – Pretty transient, but fun just the same.

3. ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas

This song definitely contains some of the worst lyrics in pop history (“Let’s do some shots… mazel tov!”). In fact, the whole song, with its little pauses mid-sentence, sounds like its being written as we’re listening to it, like he’s just managed to come up with a word that rhymes in the nick of time.  But I am occasionally sucked in by its overwhelming optimism. I also like to amuse myself by imagining Thom Yorke jumping around to it in his dressing room before going on stage to play ‘Paranoid Android’.
4. ‘A Change Would Do You Good’ by Sheryl Crow

Less middle-of-the-road and more exile-on-main-street compared to the rest of her stuff. This tune is really cool, how on earth did she pull this one out the bag?

5. ‘Du Hast’ by Rammstein

This song would sound really scary if it wasn’t so camp. Every 90s film set in the future has a bit in it where the good guy goes into a bar in the seedy district of some mega metropolis. This is exactly what’s playing in the background while strippers with dreadlocks dance on podiums.  “Cyber-metal”, basically.


One response to “Top 5 Real Guilty Pleasures by John ‘Jugend Klub’ Napier

  1. A pleasure to listen to!!

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