Review: Tantrums ‘Champloo’ EP Launch @ The Rainbow

‘Champloo’ EP Launch
The Rainbow
2nd June 2010

'Champloo' Artwork by Lewes Herriot

You can’t move in Birmingham for talk of Tantrums right now and tonight’s ‘Champloo’ EP launch at The Rainbow compounds this as the venue is absolutely heaving by the time the frisky five piece take to the stage amidst moody lighting and plumes of smoke.

The young and fearless down the front immediately create a mosh pit as the dubstep intro of ‘Barracudas’ rips into the humid air followed by its enormous stadium-prog rock guitar riffs. Tantrums have long ignored musical boundaries, fusing heavy electronica with giant size axe wizardry but now there’s a conscious effort to make the melee as accessible as possible. The Fleetwood Mac harmonies of ‘Steal it Back’ and ‘Mek Ya Feel Hype’ have daytime Radio 1 airplay written all over them, while still retaining an edginess in their filthy laptop manglings to keep pushing your naughty buttons.

How apt too that their debut EP is to be the first physical release on Bigger Than Barry Records, an offshoot of the Brummie clubnight phenomenon that has never followed any direction other than that of pure upbeat party music – an ‘anything goes’ sound that Tantrums themselves have embodied. One minute it’s all Rusko digital squelch and bangs the next it’s giant indie-disco choruses like a supercharged, more urgent New Order.

Tantrums absolutely nail it tonight and are threatening to become something much, much bigger than just another local buzz band.

Andy Roberts


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