Win 2 Tickets to Future of The Left / Sabotage Left / Circus Town @ The Rainbow

Angry noise punks Future of The Left are coming to tear The Rainbow a new one this Thursday (3rd June) with help from Sabotage Left and Circus Town. The lovely folk at Birmingham Promoters have given Blue Whale Studios two tickets to offer as a fantabulous prize.

Future of the Left is an alternative rock band which formed in 2005 in Cardiff, Wales. They consist of Andy “Falco” Falkous (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Kelson Mathias (bass, vocals) and Jack Eggelstone (drums). Falkous and Eggelstone are former members of mclusky and Mathias is a former member of Jarcrew.

Welsh trio mclusky was one of the bright spots in the British indie scene’s post-Britpop hangover, forming in 1999 and releasing three appealingly noisy albums before splitting in January 2005. During the same period, Welsh electro-punks Jarcrew released two albums before also splitting in early 2005, reportedly due to the drummer finding religion.

While mclusky bassist Jon Chapple went off to form Shooting At Unarmed Men, the trio’s remaining members, singer/guitarist Andrew Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone, hooked up with Jarcrew singer and keyboardist Kelson Mathias and bassist Hywel Evans. Evans soon left to start his own group, so with Mathias moving over to bass (and after experimenting with a variety of tongue-in-cheek names) the remaining trio debuted as Future Of The Left in autumn 2006.

Remaining with mclusky’s label Too Pure, Future of the Left made their debut with the double A-side Fingers Become Thumbs / The Lord Hates A Coward in January 2007. Two more singles followed: adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood and Small Bones Small Bodies; and the album Curses was released in September 2007. Falkous’s trademark abrasive guitar riffs and vocals remained in evidence, but also added to the mix were keyboards: an old Roland synth plugged through a guitar amp in most cases, but also acoustic piano on album closer The Contrarian.

Amidst constant touring, a stopgap live album last night i saved her from vampires was released in 2008.

March 2009 saw a new single on 4AD, The Hope That House Built, and second studio album Travels With Myself And Another was released in June.

To win the tickets for yourself – just answer the question below:

What two bands previous bands were the members of Future of The Left in?

Answers in the comment box below. It’s not that hard really, the answer is in the biog above.

In the likely event of there being more than one correct answer, we will draw the winners name out of a hat.

Good luck!!!


8 responses to “Win 2 Tickets to Future of The Left / Sabotage Left / Circus Town @ The Rainbow

  1. Jarcrew and Mclusky

  2. mclusky and jarcrew. They’re both well good!

  3. Mclusky and Jarcrew

  4. According to the above Mclusky and Jarcrew although that’s actually incorrect.

    That bio is out of date as Kelson has since left FOTL so correct answer is now Mclusky and Kong/Oceansize as Steve Hodson is handling bass duties

  5. Mclusky and Jarcrew

  6. Mclusky and Jarcrew (although the spelling of the first is always open to interpretation!)

    RIP both.

  7. …although you could argue now Kelson’s left, the new bassist is/was from Kong…

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