Listen Again to Episode 4 of In The Belly

Here you can listen again to last night’s In The Belly on Rhubarb Radio.

Joining regulars Andy Roberts from Blue Whale Studios, Greg Bird and Matthew Beck from This is Tomorrow is Jugend Klub’s John Napier talking about some thing or other.

Track Listing:

1. ‘Butcher’s Shop’ by Fever Fever

2. ‘Sun’ by Caribou

3. ‘I See Trouble Up Ahead’ by Benjamin Blower

4. ‘Earthquake’ by Hard Ton

Hard Ton

5. ‘Knox’ by Is I Cinema

6.’Surprise Hotel’ by Fool’s Gold

7. ‘No Excuses’ by Waler

8. ‘Look At You’ by Jacques Renault

Jugend Klub featuring Waler, Benjamin Blower and Is I Cinema Saturday 15th May at The Hare and Hounds.

Jugend Klub


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