Re-live the glory of Blue Whale Presents… by listening again to Is I Cinema / Malpas / Boat to Row / Ace Bushy Striptease live @ The Rainbow

The day Blue Whale Studios teamed up with Created In Birmingham, ARC, Leon Trimble, Rhubarb Radio and We Love Brum at The Rainbow is now etched into musical folklore.

We Love Brum

Is I Cinema, Malpas, Boat to Row and Ace Bushy Striptease all created seminal performances as reported here.

Those who were there compared it to the likes of The Beatles at Shea Stadium, The Sex Pistols at Manchester Free Trade Hall, Hendrix at Woodstock 1970, The Clash in Victoria Park 1978 and of course Cliff Richard at Wimbledon in 1996.

But if you weren’t at the legendary show, don’t worry, you can avoid embarrassment when conversation in the pub inevitably turns to the finest moments in music history as the beautiful people at Rhubarb Radio were there to capture the occasion.

Now you can pretend you were there by just following the link here and listening again to the show originally aired on 24th April 2010, the date now referred to as musical year dot.

On a non-tongue-in-cheek that will probably go over some people’s heads leading them to think that we think that the sun shines out of our rumps note, massive thanks to all involved in making the show as spectacular as it was and extra special thanks to everyone who came down to the show.


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