‘Quite Frankly we Were Appalled by Them’ An interview with @DuncAutumnStore and @Simonon about the collaboration between Falling & Laughing & Ace Bushy Striptease – The Tiddlywhips

The Tiddlywhips or at least three of them - Bas, Simon and Darryl

Happy bouncy indie popsters Falling & Laughing and Ace Bushy Striptease have been plotting and scheming within the belly of Blue Whale Studios. Not only have they collaborated as The Tiddlywhips but have covered one of each others’ songs, produced by Dom James and are pasted below for your listening pleasure. We gave them a good talking to try to get to the bottom of this indie orgy.

Arrogance Is My Middle Name, Said Will Davies Arrogantly by Falling & Laughing

So How come you decided to work together?

Simon, Ace Bushy Striptease vocalist and bassist: “The Tiddlywhips originally was kind of a bedroom project.”

Duncan, vocalist and guitarist of Falling & Laughing and promoter of the leftfield Autumn Store indie pop night: “Simon had been in a few other side projects like Jet-Ski Accident and other things, and we’d talked about it as something we’d like to do.”

S: “We need to be in a band with as many people as possible so then we can ride on each other’s coat tails. You’ve got to hedge your bets haven’t you?”

D: “Yeah, like every band that’s come out of Cardiff recently has been in Los Campesinos! Or Little My another massive Cardiff collective, it would be really nice to get a Birmingham collective going.”

The Tidllywhips collective, for this Blue Whale Session at least includes Bas, Jeremy, Daryl, Simon Duncan and also features a debut vocal from Eve Phillips.

Eve Phillips made her debut on 'Roly Poly' by Ace Bushy Striptease but rushed off from the recording session before night fall. We can only speculate as to why.

S: “We thought that it wasn’t going to take long to record these songs, so we thought we could piss around for a couple of hours and see what happens. We’ve already got a following, someone in Japan has written about us on twitter.”

D: “Yeah, I’m following that blog now, it’s called Twee Grrls Club and I don’t understand any of it because it’s written in Japanese but there’s some ace pictures and links to bands, I wish I understood it.”

Are you up on Myspace as the Tiddlywhips yet?

D: “Hmm, we should probably do a Myspace or a Bandcamp, is that what the kids are into nowadays? I’m trying to tie things together with Falling & Laughing and Autumn Store online at the moment so yeah I’ll sort it out.”

S: “And we can ‘leak’ it from there”

D: “We could pretend it’s the new Los Campesinos! album and get loads of hits.”

What made you record each other’s songs, obviously you’re big admirers of each others work. Or did you think the originals were so shit that you could make a better job of them?

D: “Well quite frankly we were appalled by them!”

S: “We played a gig with Falling & Laughing…”

D: “…yeah we both played at Oxjam last year so we secretly worked out an Ace Bushy Striptease cover and played it to them.”

When did you come up with your cover of ‘Roly Poly’?

S: “Well we’re both kind of on a label, releasing through Oddbox and Trev the guy who runs it is looking to put out a compilation and Dunc asked if it was ok to cover one of our tunes for it and we were like; yeah! ‘Can we cover one of yours? Cos your cover is amazing!”

D: “Ahhh, thanks, yours is amazing too.”

S: “Thanks, we tried really hard.”

D: “I think Trev still has to hear the tunes though, before he agrees to put them on!”

Dunc quite clearly laying into Dom

How did you meet Trev?

D: “He used to write for a blog called Indie MP3 with another chap called Tom and also deejayed at a Falling & Laughing gig in London and we carried on talking through the internet and I wrote a bit for his blog. He then started doing the Oddbox blog and label and we continued to mix in the same sort of circles. I like Oddbox, there’s a lot of good things that they’ve been putting out on that label. They’ve found a nice balance between happy pop music and noisy pop music.

“There’s a band on the label called The Humms, which is quite garage, they’ve released a Manhattan Love Suicides record, The Give It Ups I absolutely adore and they put out one of their EPs as well.”

S: “That Milipedes box set, like this Sheffield super group and they released this album on three separate seven inches of this garagey pop stuff.”

D: “OH! Yeah. It was such a gorgeous way of releasing it though, in this really nice box.”

Do you buy most of your music from online stores then?

S: “Well I’ve had my last visit to Tempest about four times now.”

D: “Yeah, it’s sad that Tempest are shutting.”

S: “And that ‘To Let’ sign outside Swordfish isn’t hopeful either. It’s really nice in Polar Bear, I got this really natty recording of the West Side Story soundtrack but done by some Arizona high school, it’s like a bit crap but that’s what makes it so much better than the original recording of it.”

D: “I was in there about a week ago and you know when you just randomly buy things like that, but it was in a section called Japanese Post-Rock so I thought ‘that has to be awesome’. Quite minimal stuff which didn’t really have much going on apart from a singer with occasional instrument and just bird song all the way through.”

S: “Norman Records website is pretty good, they had the Sunset Cinema Club album imported from Japan. WeePOP! and obviously Oddbox! But through our Big Cartel site we’ve been able to sell Ace Bushy albums to people in Canada and Australia.”

D: “That’s awesome, you couldn’t do that even ten years ago, it would never have happened for someone in Australia to find it so easy to find your music online.”

S: “Well when you originally blogged about us on IndieMP3, you wrote about our original bedroom demos ages ago with Dom (James, producer at Blue Whale) and our MP3s got picked up by a torrents site and went to loads of people all around the world. Something you can’t do by playing to people at The Rainbow unfortunately.”
Roly Poly by Ace Bushy Striptease


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