Review: Times New Viking / Yuck / Savant / Tad Allagash @ThisisTmrw @TheVictoria

Times New Viking, Yuck, Savant, Tad Allagash
This is Tomorrow
The Victoria
1st May 2010

Our In The Belly‘ Rhubarb Radio show co-hosts This is Tomorrow make a long overdue return to the live promotions scene with an awesome line up of local, national and international buzz bands.

The sound of Sonic Youth put through a crude drum machine and belched out with pizza breath is how we begin with Tad Allagash, previously known as Home Counties (and unfortunately not Nazi Gold as apparently they were going to be named). A nervous battle with the backing track fighting against the guitars results in glimmers of shoegaze flying out amongst promising dead beat lo fi. The addition of a humanoid rhythm section would no doubt garner them more attention.

Friends of Blue Whale Studios, Savant are obviously not going to get a bad review, being the valued customers that they are. It’s a good job that they perform impressively and we don’t have to lie our way out of a sticky situation, maintaining the modicum of credibility we may have. Their math guitar lines and crescendos of Battles-esque drumming sparkle and crash like tsunamis of fiddly melodies and debilitating floor tom poundings.

Little Omar Little by Savant by Blue Whale

A cover of Weezer’s ‘Sweater Song’ was frankly superfluous though, not needed as their own material is strong enough to keep the growing Victoria crowd nodding in approval.

Former members of Cajun Dance Party make up Yuck who seemingly divide the crowd’s opinion which apparently flits between awesome guitar led alt.pop and one trick, two chord ponies. We pitch ourselves more towards the latter as the set feels slightly long with a lack of variety to hold our attention.

Headliners Times New Viking work the venue up into a crowd surfing frenzy with their super scuzzy Moldy Peaches meets The Breeders slacker noise pop. It gets so hectic, bouncers are called from downstairs to prevent the PA from being used as a launch pad which immediately results in a moody and tense atmosphere descending upon the room. Once said security realise no harm is intended and things calm down, they leave and the mini riot restarts resulting in people being dropped on their head and being kicked in the face. All in the name of good clean fun you must understand.

Andy Roberts


One response to “Review: Times New Viking / Yuck / Savant / Tad Allagash @ThisisTmrw @TheVictoria

  1. Yuck were really really crappy. Just dire.

    Good job TNV were brill and more than made up for it!

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