Review: Tantrums / (silver) souvenirs / New Killer Shoes @TheFlapperBrum

Tantrums, (silver) souvenirs, New Killer Shoes
The Flapper
23rd April 2010

Nothing quite beats donning your summer shoes and heading down to The Flapper to enjoy a quick pint out in the sunshine before going to see an old favourite band and some new faces. Dancing seems to be the order of the day and this includes band members.

The night kicks off with New Killer Shoes who plough through their set with the ferocious speed of a band who just want to play as much material as possible.  The music is upbeat and the lyrics sprint along in an Artic Monkeysesque fashion.  Singer John Kings’s words are littered with modern day references; ‘Leave Me Alone’ highlighting the pitfalls of MSN.

The audience seem energised by the set, ‘Lets Go Disco’ even sparks some ad hoc caterpillaring.  Luckily, reviewers need to stand back out of harm’s way.  NKS don’t seem like the kind of band to attract break dancing fans but hey, we’ve all had one too many beers in the sun on a Friday afternoon.

Five piece (silver) souvenirs appear to be setting Brum alight with a steady string of gigs and complementary reviews so it was a relief to finally catch them.  They open and the audience are immediately transported into their rhythmic, melodic world.  And they seem to have said balls to any kind of indie band conventions; fuck having one or two microphones, stick four right at the front of the stage so the layers of voices and lyrics can be built up and then torn down again.  It’s energetic stuff and more dancing ensues.

Listen to (silver) souvenirs live In The Belly podcast here.

Tragically, we’ve attracted the caterpillar and he seems to be depositing most of his beer on the aforementioned summer shoes; shame they weren’t heeled.

Fortunately nothing can detract from SS’s magical quality, definitely one to watch (and as quickly as you can.)

With our drunken friend now out of the way and stumbling towards the canal the audience are relatively safe to enjoy Tantrums.  These guys just get better and better and new addition Anna, aka Little Palm, seems to have the given the band more room to grow.

Anna’s voice is stunning and the lyrical interplay with Simon works brilliantly.  The gal’s not just there to make up the numbers leading the vocals on some of the tracks and giving as good as she gets with band shenanigans.  New track ‘Steal It Back’ stays true to the band’s guitar pop sound topped with those lovely vocals.  And fear not, the distinctive dubstep interludes are still there, reminding us that this band’s roots are firmly planted in Brum.  Sadly it’s all over far too quickly, despite a quick encore.  The set feels short but it’s great to leave an audience wanting more.

Nic Toms


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  1. maybe it was snake charmer that the guy was snaking too….just a guess!

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