Review: Fool’s Gold / Tempting Rosie / Flying Nines @ The Rainbow @BhamPromoters

Fool’s Gold, Tempting Rose, Flying Nines
Birmingham Promoters
The Rainbow
27th April 2010

The Jam + brass more or less = Flying Nines. Gritty soul inflections, uplifting r&b groove and bright flashes of horns circulate to shake up an otherwise bland Tuesday evening, the most nondescript of all nights.

Tempting Rosie

Tempting Rosie are exorcising any pre-mid-week bad vibes out of the room with their dizzying optimism of asserting brass lines and fist raising rightousness. They could resuscitate the coldest of dead fish with their vigourous ska manouvers that feel like a primal release of happiness, sucking the crowd to the front of the stage, reflecting the beaming fun of the band.

Oh jeez, not another Stone Roses tribute act…oh…hang on a sec…

With a name like Fool’s Gold, to many, only one over played baggy band is going to spring to mind, but alas, no. Thankfully, no.

Simply put this band are incredible. Hailing from Los Angeles they culminate influences of Eastern and African groups who have in turn been influenced by Western bands, such as Tinariwen, in a fascinating regurgitation of rhythms and sounds. The easy analogies to reach for are Vampire Weekend and Yeasayer, but there’s something a lot more rootsy about Fool’s Gold, dare we say more ‘authentic’. (Or at least, their pilfering is slightly more convincing… less…indie?)

Despite singing predominantly in Hebrew, frontman Luke Top is communicating in perfect clarity with the folks flexing on The Rainbow floor. The cold brick and concrete of the courtyard being gleefully ignored for the calypso carnival that has broken out.

The jubilation of ‘Surprise Hotel’ and the tribal ecstasy of ‘Night Dancing’ are an absolute fucking delight as is the hypnotic drone of ‘Ha Dvash’.

As a conga line snakes around the venue with the crowd belting out the refrain of ‘The World is All We Have’ to end a performance that has made us lovesick, we are reminded how beautiful a place planet Earth can be.

Fool’s Gold, thank you.

Andy Roberts

Another review of this amaaaaazing show can be found on The Hearing Aid Blogspot here.

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