A Bluffers Guide to the Birmingham Metal Scene from ERADIKATOR

ERADIKATOR play The Old Wharf for BSP 24/4/2010

Black Scorpion Promotions are hosting another free night of metal mayhem at The Old Wharf this Saturday (24th April) featuring four of the finest hard rock outfits from the Home of Metal: ERADIKATOR, Malacite, I Hate You More and They Came With Weapons.

Now, beloved seasoned readers of The Blue Whale Blog will know that we are not exactly well versed in the metal scene, but as we aim to ever expand our horizons, we thought we’d ask Andy from headliners, ERADIKATOR to give us a brief bluffers guide to Birmingham’s metal scene.


Do you think the city gets enough credit for being the ‘birthplace of heavy metal’?

“Yeah I think Brum gets a lot if credit for being the birthplace of metal, a lot of the touring bands from the states even credit it which is awesome. I personally think it will always be the home of heavy metal, you cant deny Sabbath, Priest and Napalm. I grew up in the West Country where the metal scene sucked so I think it’s an awesome city to work out of as an upcomng metal band. Long live heavy metal!!!!

Can you name your top five favourite metal bands from Birmingham currently playing the local scene?

Necrotize, Slab, Mindless Torture, Morgue Orgy, Warlord UK

Can you name us your top five Brum metal bands ever?

Black Sabbath, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Judas Priest

Black Sabbath

What are the main venues for the harder bands to play around Brum?

The Old Wharf, Eddies, Asylum2, Black Horse, Flapper and Firkin

The Flapper

Right, we’re donning our leather jacket and fingerless gloves and off to taste the local metal scene. Hmmm, bats heads for tea methinks.


2 responses to “A Bluffers Guide to the Birmingham Metal Scene from ERADIKATOR

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  2. My mate claims that Napalm death’s first album is the most influential metal album if the not the most influential album of all time to be recorded in Birmingham

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