The Colour of Money – Interview with Black Dollar Bills

Gargantuan bluesy garage foursome, Black Dollar Bills are another in a long line of awesome Brummie acts that have recently frequented Blue Whale.

They shook the walls of our lovely Custard Factory recording studio with knob twiddler, Dom James, to produce the pummeling rock of ‘The Line’ which can be heard in all its fire and brimstone glory below.

The Line by Black Dollar Bills

As part of our now famous customer satisfaction survey, we caught up with guitarist Tom, to ensure that we continue to exceed the needs of our valued clients. Well, we threw a few questions at him about the band’s time at the Whale anyway.

Black Dollar Bills

So, how was it for you?

“Working with Dom was good. Very relaxed atmosphere. From the moment I arrived he was easy to get on with. He knew what he was doing and all the lads felt comfortable.”

You state on your Myspace that most of your tunes are borne from improvisation, was there much of this during your recording session? Or did you plan specifically what you were going to record?

“Not specifically during the recording session. We decided to do this track pretty much the day before. This track was another creation using that method. The riff came and the rest soon followed.

Live shot by Annelie Rosencrantz - Anuli Photography

“We just want promote the band really [with this recording]. I don’t think that people have heard the best of us yet. From my point of view we are improving all the time. This track is just a bit of what we are capable of doing. Its already had a few spins in the Sunflower Lounge and hopefully other places soon.”

What other bands in Brum do you rate?

“Other bands that we rate are Soldier, The Cedar House Band, Karma Suite, Arcadian Kicks and Idiosync who are more Redditch based. We played a gig with the Bluebeat Arkestra who impressed us as well. All slightly different from each other but good in their own right. We are all into quite bluesy garage bands I suppose. Bands like the Dead Weather, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Band of Skulls we are listening to at the moment. These are the type of bands that are influencing us.”

Black Dollar Bills play The Actress & Bishop on Friday 23rd April.


One response to “The Colour of Money – Interview with Black Dollar Bills

  1. These guys are awesome! Definately one of if not the best live band around the West Midlands. You cannot get a true feel for their muscial passion and excellence without going to one of their many live performances. NOT one to miss.

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