Review: Rolo Tomassi / Trash Talk / Throats @TheFlapperBrum by Lee Hall

Rolo Tomassi, Trash Talk, Throats
Birmingham Promoters
The Flapper
19th April 2010

From the underground dungeon that’s forms The Flapper, it is only the impenetrable mixture of bricks and mortar that can contain the hellish sounds of Trash Talk, Throats and Rolo Tomassi. Only from the belly of the beast, this den of iniquity can one savour the offering before them. It leaves only one question – is the world getting taller or are we getting shorter?

Beginning what is an impressive double header line up Throats come to Birmingham off the back of their recent Kerrang acknowledgement echoing in the background. It only takes a couple of songs for you to realise that this five piece are worthy of the attention as they provide an awe inspiring performance that could prove difficult to follow. With the front man Mark taking centre of stage to literally mean standing in the middle of the crowd; his fleetingly brief appearances among the nodding heads present a consummate performer ahead of his years.


Whilst perhaps not to the taste of most no one can deny that their sound reminiscent of Breed or Benediction, is something to behold and chances are this is the smallest venue you will see them in for some time to come.

Trash Talk arrive on stage and it’s not hard to see why these intense Californians get their name from. With a pre gig sparring match ending in the trading of a couple of blows between the bassist and a member of the crowd, something tells me that if the gig unfolds with ten per cent of the passion displayed in the antics before the show, we are in for something very special indeed. And with that the pit has begun!

Trash Talk

The intensity that the band showed before the gig, not to mention the unity, transpires into a terrifying display! During the show with the heavy guitar riffs you come to realise you’re scared and you like it. “Fuck Iceland and fuck your volcano” shouts lead singer Spencer, in regards to the recent chaos. “Now our two fans in Iceland understand why we never come over!” Continuing the music, which by this point is strangely coursing through the femoral artery in our thigh, new song explosion brings upon the crowd a palpable building of tension that waits to be unleashed through some better known songs. With the announcement “this is the last date on our tour” the stage once more erupts into insanity.

Introducing new track ‘Pushed Aside’ lead singer jokingly remarks “this is a fast one”. Soon the crowd descend into an obeying mass ready for orders and obligingly the lead singer commands them to raise the roof of this quaint venue. He doesn’t have to wait long for a response and is duly mobbed by the crowd. “This is for the fist punchers” he says introducing new song ‘Rapid Horn’ but fist punching makes way to stage diving and more mobbing of the lead singer and the band in general. Spencer takes it in his stride and seemingly shares a connection with each of those who have taken to the stage with him in what is one of the most respectful (to the fans) performances we have ever seen.

Roll up, roll up for the main event of the evening. Gracing the stage is the mesmerising Eva Spence of Rolo Tomassi, whose small petite frame disguises the set of lungs, each the size of my face, encased within her chest and would fool even the most evasive X-ray machines. The whole band exude an energy and humble nature that puts other bands to shame.

Rolo Tomassi

Their mixture of raw guttural uttering’s and polished tunes makes them a favourite with many. It’s like Mr and Mrs Gallows having a fight on a Friday night with the interjection of some angelic musings in-between. A CD quality performance at its best, these guys are so tight you could hold your phone up and sold it to iTunes! At the climax of the performance the band leave little unexposed. Eva commands the stage with amazing grace and has enamoured the audience. The rest of the band put on an inspiring show that sees each of them venture into the crowd.

It is a fitting last night of the tour and another superb gig brought together by Birmingham Promoters. What next for Rolo Tomassi? “Well we are gonna have a couple of days off and then we go on tour with Biffy Clyro! It’s really cool because they asked for us…it’s very humbling” says Eva.

One thing’s for certain-this band won’t be supporting many bands for too much longer, they are headliners through and through.

Lee Hall


One response to “Review: Rolo Tomassi / Trash Talk / Throats @TheFlapperBrum by Lee Hall

  1. wallernotweller

    great review. I interviewed ROLO on this tour but just got this back from throats who i love

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