Falling & Laughing / Ace Bushy Striptease / The Tiddlywhips – FREE MIX

**Ace Bushy Striptease play Blue Whale Presents… at The Rainbow on Sat 24th April. £2 before 8pm**

Falling & Laughing and Ace Bushy Striptease ventured into Blue Whale Studios to collaborate on a project that saw them cover one of each others songs and then joined forces to form The Tiddlywhips turbo charged super group. The results of which will be posted on this very blog in the near future.

We asked the two bands to provide you lovely readers with tunes for a mix that are partly responsible for their creative output.

Ace Bushy Laughing mix

Falling & Laughing‘s Dunc’s Choices

1. ‘This Is The Sound’ by The Regulars

The Regulars

“When I first moved to Birmingham, it was a strange time for indiepop. The whole genre had just seemed to shut up, a far cry from the busy world it is now. The Regulars were a band who remembered it’s DIY charm, and sound, and were on my doorstep though. This Is The Sound was them in overt manifesto mode, there were songs they wrote which I thought were more beautiful, but this one helped you keep faith in a genre before it all dropped back into place. Indiepop has festivals now! In 1999 this was the only song that would make you believe that it was possible.”

2. ‘I Can’t Find My Brittle Youth’ by Hood



“If you compiled a chart of the number of times I’ve put each song on compilation tapes, this one would be top. Some songs you fall in love with for a month, and some songs you keep returning to forever. They’re always there burning quietly in the background. ‘I Can’t Find My Brittle Youth’ is one of those for me. Hood have always managed to genre dance between lo-fi, instrumental post rock, quiet reflection pop and whatever electronica beast this track counts as, with its awesome drums that just build and build.”

3. ‘Arrogance Is My Middle Name, said Will Davies Arrogantly’ by Ace Busy Striptease

Ace Bushy Striptease

“Birmingham has this brilliant tradition of mixing pop songs with moments of quiet introspection and unrestrained loud, and in my heart The Aceies are so part of that tradition. It’s been delightful watching them make it out of Birmingham and playing gigs all over to much wider acclaim. This was one of our favourite early Aceies songs and that’s why we wanted to record a cover of it with them.”

Falling & Laughing!‘s Darryl’s Choices

“Dunc asked me, ‘the drummer’, to pick 2 tracks to sound track a recording session at Blue Whale Studios on Mon 5th April 2010. This has led me to the kind of head scratching normally reserved for when Duncan introduces a song containing 7:4 time signature (only for 2 bars though mind!) So for my choices I had to assign very strict parameters, which were Drums and the recording of said instrument …

4. ‘Rock and Roll by Led Zepplin

John Bonham

“Naturally the default setting for this criteria is John Bonham (Led Zepplin for the non-drummer aware) … but should it be “when the levee breaks” or “Rock and Roll”? For me it has to be ‘Rock and Roll‘ due to its relentless driving drumming powering the song forward.

5. ‘Race for the Prize’ by Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips

“Secondly is ‘Race for the Prize’ by the Flaming Lips with not only lovely simple drumming but fantastically recorded drum sounds where the twiddling of knobs have greatly enhanced the power of the drum track.

“Can I go and hit things now my head hurts?”

Ace Bushy Striptease’s Choices

6. ‘Roly Poly’ by Falling & Laughing

Falling and Laughing

“Dunc Falling & Laughing was our indiepop mentor when we were just starting out, keeping us hip on places to play shows and places to record after we’d fallen in love with his Autumn Store night. It was a great surprise the first time we saw Falling & Laughing playing these brilliant weird pop songs about Sweden and Birmingham and John Peel. It feels awesome being blow away every time we get to see them by how inventive and fantastic and catchy their songs are. They’ve got a new song that they’re playing live at the moment called ‘Feral Fanzine Frenzy’ which is really special, you should go and see them play just for that one.”

7. ‘Death Valley, Birmingham’ by LookiMakeMusic


“The future! There seems to be a rich vein full of bands coming from Birmingham Uni at the moment, LookiMakeMusic are our faves since they’ve just finished their first recordings. They’re kind of like Los Campesinos! but in an uncompromising hardcore chattercore kinda way.”

8. ‘Don’t Deconstruct’ by Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley

“This is the loveliest song from forever. If our collaboration song sounds even a quarter as special as this then we’ll be over the moon.”

9. ‘Fight Song (The)’ by P.E.E

“P.E.E are kind of like how we wish Ace Bushy would sound but yeah they beat us to it by 11 years. They do that girl/boy vocal over minute long song thing better than anyone. Best band ever probably.”

10. ‘Dumbells’ by Mission of Burma

Mission of Burma

“Woah the guitar riff on this is totally killer!”


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