Review: Tom Peel / Greg Bird / Goodnight Lenin / James Rea / The Traps @SpeechFewapy presents.. Record Store Day

On Saturday Speech Fewapy Records staged an in-store acoustic gig in Swordfish Records on Temple Row in Birmingham city centre to celebrate Record Store Day.

As some of the city’s top musical talent gathered outside the shop front, tuning acoustics in the lunchtime sun, an expectant crowd was gathering in the narrow aisles of Swordfish Records.

The Traps at Record Store Day

With the sun outside putting everyone in the mood to celebrate, proceedings got underway after a brief ‘Hey how are you’ with The Traps (Speech Fewapy’s founding fathers) kicking off the performances with a stripped down version of last single ‘The Honey Drip’. Still available for free download at Packed full of summertime promise and harmonies that soared above the world jazz aisle, it was great start to a line up that promised much.

Whooping duly greeted the songs closing chords and with that up stepped Speech Fewapy’s Dan to introduce the next act, James Rea. Like a duck to water James embraced the limelight immediately wasting no time to start joking with the crowd as the opening progression of ‘Bound to Hit the Big Time’ rang out. The quick witted observational humour of James’ lyrics brought a wry smile to the faces of those assembled and it was all in all an accomplished performance full of personality and rounded off by the most conveniently timed string break he could possibly have wished for happening on the very last chord of the song.

Next up were Goodnight Lenin with ‘Ebb and Flow’. Their well crafted, delicious harmonies prompted all in attendance to cock their heads to one side and listen in contented silence as a stirring perfomance unfolded in front of them. A well positioned poster of Dylan (looking a bit like a muskateer) on the wall seemed to overlook each act as if casting an eye of approval in the direction of all who stepped up to the ball.

The fantastic Greg Bird was next up and exciting times are afoot for his new project Flamingo Flame with his debut EP ‘Shruburbia’ landing April 26th available to all courtesy of Speech Fewapy Records. To get a crafty preview of the EP it is now streaming live at

Greg gave ‘Cherry Choke’ its first live outing, an exclusive for Record Store Day that didn’t disappoint, great song writing can’t wait to get hold of the EP.

There’s no better show stealer than he who comes armed, and strapped into a tape decvice that looks like C3PO’s internal organs. Ladies and mentalmen I give you Tom Peel. Writhing and gyrating to a fucked up riff Jack White would be proud of, Tom captivated the crowd, making them smile and ‘get down’ all at once finishing to a rousing applause.

As we ventured back out into the harsh light of day it was the sunshine in my heart that burned strongest, it had felt good to celebrate a record shop that stands as haven from the chain store dominance of our city centre.

Favourite days celebrated days annually. In 3rd place, Christmas. 2nd Easter. 1st Record Store Day!



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