‘Another couple of folktronica masterpieces and we’ll have the best album of 2011 on our hands’ – Interview with Ali Malpas – @alMalpas

Saturday 24th April sees Blue Whale Studios join forces with We Love Brum promotions to put on what is shaping up to be one of the most eagerly anticipated gigs in Birmingham this year at The Rainbow in Digbeth.

Ace Bushy Striptease, Boat to Row and Is I Cinema join future folksters Malpas for a night of outstanding musicianship, lyrical excellence and creative endeavor with DJ sets from This is Tomorrow and live video artistry from Leon Trimble. An audio feed of the evening will also be simultaneously broadcast live on Rhubarb Radio. (Doors @ 7pm. Entry £2 before 8pm)

Click here for the Facebook Event Page

Headliners Malpas have been turning heads since the demise of Envy & Other Sins which lead to founding member and frontman Ali Forbes embarking on a journey of fresh faced folk that draws on powerful electric drum beats and synthesizers as much as it does from textured acoustic guitar lines that under pin Forbes melodic mastery. Joined by former Envy drummer, Jim Macaulay as well as local disc jockey Danielle Perry and synth supremo Tim Hancock, they create their cunning mix of electronica with subtle acoustic layerings.

As Ali explains, the Malpas sound was an intentional clean break from his former outfit, writing all but one of the current set from scratch:

“Most of (the songs) are only a year or so old. The only crossover was ‘Lilywhite Blues’ – we played it a couple of times with Envy but it didn’t really fit in. We should have the album finished by the end of the summer – it’s about 75% there at the moment. Just need to pen another couple of folktronica masterpieces and we’ll have the best album of 2011 on our hands…”

Have you seen the other acts on the bill for the 24th before – Ace Bushy Striptease, Boat to Row and Is I Cinema?

“I’ve seen Mike from Boat To Row play a few times and he’s amazing – he plays guitar like I do in my dreams! Heard good things about Is I Cinema of late and with a name like that Ace Bushy Striptease are clearly going to be incredible.”

The tail end of 2009 was taken up mostly by the band supporting the astronomically huge, Kanyeezee and Mr. Beyonce Knowles’ pal, Mr. Hudson on his UK tour, which came about as a result of a long friendship with the chart botherer.

“I’ve known Ben since I was 19 and we were starting out in music,” explains Ali. “We were in a band for four years or so before our musical destinies diverged. We supported him on his last tour and had a blast, and I’m playing guitar for him on the current tour, it’s my guilty little hip-hop indulgence!”

Before they take the stage at The Rainbow, Malpas along with Boat to Row, Is I Cinema and Ace Bushy Striptease will be performing acoustic sets at the Created in Birmingham shop opposite the Apple Store at Birmingham’s Bullring from 2pm on Saturday afternoon. After no doubt blowing the audience away at both CiB and The Rainbow, Malpas can be found playing at this year’s Moseley Folk Festival as well as The Isle of Wight Festival. Go to the Facebook group at http://tinyurl.com/malpas or their Myspace page to join the future folk revolution.

Andy Roberts

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