New tunes from Savant – recorded at Blue Whale

Savant setting up shop In The Belly of The Blue Whale

Brummie four piece Savant recently joined Dom James at Blue Whale Studios to produce two tracks of dazzling tropical math rock majesty. To make sure that we’re keeping the customer satisfied, we spoke to guitarist Liam about their time here with Dom at the Whale as well as posting up their tunes for your listening pleasures below.

Little Omar Little by Savant by Blue Whale

So Liam, are you pleased with the results?

“Yeah definitely, it’s nice to hear our songs without the crackly, ‘MacBook mic’ sound. It was quite nerve wracking just waiting for the tracks to come back, and then it took an hour to download them. We’re really happy with them, all the sounds are just right. I think the two songs sound really different, which I like.”

“We’d never really recorded properly before, so we were all really excited – I think Frank even made some Reggae Reggae Sauce sandwiches to take. We all played ‘Muralitharan’ about ten times trying to get the drums right, and then I stood there on my own playing it a few thousand times trying not to hit the wrong frets.

“It was just a really good day, except maybe when George cut his forehead on a window. Ha Ha Ha.”

What did you set out to achieve before you came into Blue Whale and did you achieve it?

“Really we all wanted to get the two songs, ‘Muralitharan’ and ‘Lil’ Omar Lil”, recorded. We expected great things from Dom’s production – those William songs were sick, and personally I think he did a great job. ‘Murali’ has a nice formulaic sound, and its even got that slowed down bit it in.

‘Omar’ has got the sound we were looking for, and the vocals fit in well, so we’re happy boyz. Frank and Ed really like Maps and Atlases and all that mathy stuff so I think that comes through a lot in ‘Muralitharan’.

Dom at the helm

What do you think Dom brought to the recordings?

“Working with Dom was so good, he’s a cool guy. He made us play ‘Muralitharan’ a lot of times to get the drums perfect, and then he even came up with an idea to change the beat slightly, so there’s his major contribution to the recordings!”

You fans of Sunset Cinema Club?

“Being the young, inexperienced band we are, we hadn’t really heard a lot of their stuff before we recorded. I’d heard a couple but I wasn’t really aware of the huge movement that the band is. So yeah I’m a fan of them, although it’s hard to imagine Dom when you listen to them. I think Frank really likes them as well, only the other day he said he loved Greg’s voice. What a nice boy.”

What are you planning to do with the recordings?

“Probably try and get as many people as possible to hear them, really. We’ll probably record a few more songs at some point (Coffins and Samba anyone?), and make a couple of CDs and send them to people. I think we’re too young to take it too seriously at the moment, we just like writing music and playing it. Hopefully people will be walking around Kings Heath and Moseley (which is better) humming the start of Muralitharan?”

Muralitharan by Savant by Blue Whale
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