Free mix from ARC

Curators ARC are fast building a reputation for their intriguing free exhibitions at The Vaults in Hockley.

Knowing that Laura and Sham have an equally exquisite taste in music as they do for other art forms, we asked them to put together ten tunes that would give readers of the Blue Whale Blog at least a vague an idea of what to expect from their shows.

Join ARC at The Vaults on Wednesday 28th April 2010, 6pm, for Gloria’s Crew, an exhibition of women’s work curated by Jenine McGaughran.

Taking its name from Alice Sheldon’s 1976 novella ‘Houston, Houston, Do You Read?’ in which an all female society present a feminist utopian vision aboard spaceship Gloria, the exhibition celebrates female practitioners, showcasing an international selection of iconic feminist pieces and contemporary works.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a special set from DJ duo ATTA grrl, who’ll be spinning their love for (predominantly) female vocalists throughout the evening.

Admission is free.


1. ‘Die Slow’ by HEALTH


HEALTH were the first band we watched at ATP last year and they were an incredible live experience. Their music stalks a menacing territory with futuristic thrash-electro sounds. ‘Die Slow’ thrusts back and forward with mechanical precision – a heavyweight industrial dance track.

2. ‘Yellow Wings’ by Keepaway


Brooklyn seems to be churning out quality artists and Keepaway are no exception – clipped and looped vocals, woozy synths, and a percussive nod to Animal Collective make for an infectious sound.

3. ‘In The Gold Dust Rush’ by Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins

It was so difficult to pick one Cocteau Twins track but we went with this one as it showcases the mix of ethereal and fluid vocals, jangly rhythm guitar, wailing lead guitar, and eerie textures that make this band so consistently breathtaking.

4. ‘Rides the Rails’ by The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes

Yet another great band in a long line hailing from Montreal’s synergetic scene – a heady and dense track steered by a sludgy riff and furnished with austere string and brass arrangements.

5. ‘Pleasant Experience’ by Small Black

Small Black

Also from Brooklyn, Small Black are signed to Jagjaguwar and boast label mates including The Besnard Lakes, Bon Iver, and Dinosaur Jr. The glossy synths, subtle keyboard and drum machine patterns make it easy to see why Small Black are part of the ‘chill-wave’ scene sweeping the nation.

6. ‘Policy of Truth’ by Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

Taken from Depeche Mode’s best selling album ‘Violator’, ‘Policy of Truth’ is a firm fan favourite with dark, crisp beats shuffling behind swirling synths and cold, nonchalant vocals.

7. ‘Beach on The Moon’ by Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile

Despite his unfortunate name (it’s real!) this guy is amazing – recorded on a 4-track the latest album God Is Saying This To You is a collection of unfinished excerpts and experiments. ‘Beach on the Moon’ typifies Vile’s hazy, wistful, and personal brand of psych-folk.

8. ‘When The Sun Hits’ by Slowdive


Rumour has it Creation Records dropped Slowdive upon the request of Oasis, as a condition of their signing. They suffered terrible press throughout the early nineties and damning reviews from influential press. It’s hard to understand why – ‘When The Sun Hits’ is a sublime masterpiece with soaring guitars and submerged vocals.

9. ‘Sea Within a Sea’ by The Horrors

The Horrors

This Southend quintet have drastically evolved since their first record, ditching goth-drenched garage rock for a darker, heavier and more mature sound. ‘Sea Within A Sea’ is an 8-minute epic rollercoaster of sound, effortlessly crossing genres, and leaving you feeling both haunted and triumphant.

10. ‘Never See Me Again’ by Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls

We saw Vivian Girls at The Rainbow last year and they delivered a whirlwind set of short pop-punk classics. Their combination of simple, measured lyrics and dependable punk riffs make for an assertive and girly debut.

Join ARC’s Facebook group here for further details of their events.

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