Blue Whale Presents….Malpas / Is I Cinema / Boat To Row / Ace Bushy Striptease 24th April @ The Rainbow

24th April @ The Rainbow

Blue Whale Studios and We Love Brum Presents….

At The Rainbow on Saturday 24th April at 7pm for only two bloomin’ quid!


“Built up with the dexterity of a matchstick modeller and the power of a traction engine” – The Fly

Is I Cinema

“It’s bookish, filmic, poetic and geeky but above all Is I Cinema are a triumphant tragedy, sounding the death knell of trad rock.” – The Fly

Boat To Row

“The fluent acoustic pickings and wholesome honesty of his sound are like a safety blanket wrapped round you as you curl up on the sofa watching an episode of Bagpuss.” The Blue Whale Blog

Ace Bushy Striptease

“They sound sort of like early Pavement sneaking into My Bloody Valentine’s lock-up with cute shouty bits and some token girly singer trying to hold onto her dignity amidst all the pseudo-pubescent chaos.” Greg Bird for The Blue Whale Blog

Plus DJ sets from This is Tomorrow that may or may not sound anything like this mix below:

Sungazer by thisistomorrowuk

See the Facebook event here.

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