‘Our drummer is the eighth in line to the Scottish throne’ – Interview with The Computers ahead of their @THEFLAPPERbrum gig

In great anticipation for their gig at The Flapper this Wednesday (24th March), Jennifer Isles caught up with The Computers’ bass player, Nic Heron to learn a little more about their fire spittin’ music.

The Computers by Nathan Blaker

“I guess it’s garage rock n roll with three dudes screaming over the top,” Nic comments. “We started The Computers in the boring summer of 2007 after all our previous bands came to an end. We pretty much wrote three songs just so we could play with the American hardcore band Paint It Black at the end of August that year at The Cavern Club, Exeter. We had so much fun and people seemed to dig our tunes that we decided we’d try and play as many shows as we possibly could that year. I guess we were kinda surprised at how well received we were so early on and things just kinda kept happening for us. We did a Radio 1 session shortly after recording two of our five songs that we had at the time.”

Describe yourselves in three words.
“Too Fucking Loud.”

What are your musical influences?
“The Saints, Little Richard, Elvis Costello, Locust and The Hives.”

You Can't Hide from The Computers - out now on Fierce Panda

Where is your favourite place you have performed at?
“Errrm Reading festival was radical but so was playing in Al from The Plight’s basement. We can’t wait (to play The Flapper) actually. We had a lotta fun last time we played there at Off the Cuff.

What other bands are you listening to at the moment?
“I’m pretty obsessed with Australian punk/garage bands such as The Saints, Radio Birdman, The Real Kids and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. In our van we’ve been listening to The Night Marchers, Obits, Band of Horses amongst other things.”

The Computers @ The Flapper 24th March

Can you tell me one interesting fact about the band?

“Our drummer is the eighth in line to the Scottish throne…..if they still had a royal family.

What are your plans for 2010?

“We’re recording our first full-length in San Diego immediately after we finish this tour with Speedo of Rocket From The Crypt/ Drive Like Jehu/ Hot Snakes fame. We also like most bands just wanna play as much as possible.”

The Computers will be playing alongside Outcry Collective and Chickenhawk at The Flapper on Wednesday 24th March. Tickets available from here.

Jennifer Isles

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