Dom James of Sunset Cinema Club to produce tracks for Savant @BlueWhaleBrum

As Birmingham math rock newbies, Savant prepare to enter Blue Whale Studios to record with Dom James of Sunset Cinema Club fame, we thought we’d get the skinny from the producer quickly gaining recognition for his work with Calories, Johnny Foreigner and William amongst others.

Dom 'Tropical Hotdog' James

Currently studying MA Record Production at Thames Valley University, Dom is taking time out to produce Savant’s recordings at Blue Whale which, as he explains, will be quite different from some of his past experience of producing William’s last split ‘Vilest Thug Loop’ single with Calories.

“The single was recorded at my shared house in Hither Green, South London in the living room,” says Dom. “It was very loud but luckily I think everyone was out to college and work! Wouldn’t want to make a habit of it though. I’m sure my housemates and neighbours would end up bangin’ their heads against the wall for hearing the same songs over and over again!”

Vilest Thug Loop - the William tracks produced by Dom James

Do you have any favourite producers or production on certain records in particular that you like?

“One is Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev / The Flaming Lips). He uses everything he has and doesn’t care about recording drums with one or two microphones as most follow by the rules, he follows his intuition more while still knowing some of the technical stuff.”

“I like the production on Cornelius’ records and Phoenix because they sound so great. I also like the production on Broken Social Scene albums as well as all the classics like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Steve Albini and Miles Davis.”

Dom in his SCC guise.

If you could produce for any bands what so ever, who would you like to work with?

“Anyone who would want to work with me! And who I would get along with.”

What are currently listening to at the moment?

“Got back into Aphex Twin recently, also a Japanese band called Toe also because of my course listening to some more obscure stuff like Stockhausen and music concrete like Pierre Schaeffer. Very interesting stuff though not the sort of music to dance in a pub or a club.”

Check out Dom’s new website at for his full resume and examples of his production wizardry.

3 days for the price off 2 recording at Blue Whale – offer ends 31st March


2 responses to “Dom James of Sunset Cinema Club to produce tracks for Savant @BlueWhaleBrum

  1. probably my dream to one day record with Dom… still think his version of Johnny Foreigner’s Bipolar friends was the pinnacle of their recorded output.

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