‘Any date or Nan that you can take to the dogs, isn’t a date or Nan that I want to have’ -Interview with The S.P.G.

Notorious punk rabble The S.P.G. graced Blue Whale Studios to perform live for In The Belly. After the session, we caught up with the band to gauge the reaction to the somewhat adverse publicity that they have received of late, most specifically that of a well known post on Adam Smith’s Totally Bone blog entitled ‘F— This Band’. We allowed the Brummie four piece to respond to the article:

What is your initial reaction to this post?

Miles Cocker; Lead guitar and vocals; “Good piece of writing to be fair, however people can make their own minds up about the reliability of a piece with such a personal agenda. And f— it, any publicity is good publicity…”
Seany Murray; Vocals and rhythm guitar; “Initially I was annoyed that he ripped my songwriting apart but like Miles said, his piece screams so relentlessly of agenda, I couldn’t take it seriously and also you’ve never heard ‘Fontaine’ you c—”
Richie James; Bass guitar; “Nah, I found it pretty funny, but he’s not seen us to judge us, and you can’t please everyone, especially those who seem to have baseless vendettas.”
Luke Pyper; Drums; “Who the f— is Adam Smith? Though, to be fair, its the second best review we’ve ever had.”
You seem to be the kind of band that would happy splitting opinions, is there a kind of perverse satisfaction with being slated like this?

Luke; “Yeah, it’s nice to be noticed.
Miles; “In a sadistic way I love being slated like this, I’d rather everyone love or hate us than having people sit on the fence. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, I would have just liked such an article to have been written by somebody who had been to see us play rather than scanned our Facebook account and listened to old self recorded bedroom demos on our Myspace.”
Seany; “I don’t want to offend anyone in any way. We have fun, a lot of fun and people don’t always like that, not fundamentally unhappy people anyway, so they either join in or slag us down to the ground.”
How do you react to the charge of: “Without a doubt one of the most cocky, arrogant and deluded people I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.”

Miles; “Let’s just say I wont be losing any sleep over it.”
Yeah, I believe he’s referring to you Miles, but whenever I’ve met you, I’ve not got this impression of you.

Seany; “Have you definitely met him Andy?”
Do you know Adam Smith well?

Miles; “His girlfriend used to live with one of my best mates so we used to see a bit of each other.”
Seany; “I’ve been to Naked Lunch.”

Benny being aided by his glamourous assistant Carl Tantrum

We’ve heard rumours that you got yourselves banned from The Actress & Bishop recently, is this true and if so why was this?

Miles; “No comment, on the grounds of not incriminating us, however I’d take this opportunity to apologise. Sorry.”
Luke; “Yeah, what he said.”
Seany; “I left early”
Have you been banned from anywhere else?

Miles; “We’ve had run ins… but it usually involves a marker pen, nothing serious. I think we are pretty tame compared to other bands we have been in and knocked around with.”
Seany; “I weren’t aware that we had been ‘banned’ from anywhere, but if that’s how people have reacted to us then that’s fair enough.”
It can’t harm the rock and roll reputation can it?

Miles; “I don’t know what I’d do if our rock and roll reputation was tarnished… I’ve been smoking Marlboro Reds since I was 14 to enhance that kind of rock and roll reputation, I’d kick myself if it got ruined now!”
Seany; “It can yeah but, It’s a damn shame if our buzz and passion for it all is being mistaken for arrogance because we do want people to enjoy what we’re doing as much as we do.”
Luke; “Any date or Nan that you can take to the dogs, Isn’t a date or Nan that I want to have.”
Miles; “Actually yeah I couldn’t have put it better myself Luke.”

The Notorious S.P.G.

Ok back to the boring facts, whereabouts in Brum are you from?

Sean; “From Northfield to Bartley Green via Sheffield.”

How did you meet / the band form and why make music together?

Sean; “Me and Rich had been playing second rate open mic slots and had been looking for a drummer for ages.”
Luke; “We had a few jams and I got my mate Miles involved.”
Miles; “Sean played at my birthday party and I was really impressed so I had to get involved.

What you listening to at the mo?

Luke; “Shit. I’m listening to shit.”
Seany; “I’ve been listening to B52’s 1989 album Cosmic thing on repeat and that Diana King track ‘Shy Guy'”
Richie; “Just things like Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, anything by The Clash…”
Miles; “Placebo, Sonic Youth, The Damned, but in terms of recently released stuff the XX and F—ed Up.”

Local lad Barnesy apparently taught Sean to play guitar, how do you know him? Any messages for him?

Seany; “Well, I don’t think he knows he taught me, I used to watch him play a lot at college and pick his guitar up whenever he put it down. So ta for that.”
Miles; “If you need a backing band look no further Barnes.”
Who else in Brum do you rate?

Seany; “I rate the Filthy Habits, Barnesy, Tantrums and Tom Peel, maybe some more, but Tom Peel’s set at Hare & Hounds in December (for Coffee & Cake) was the highlight of my Christmas.

Tom Peel @ Coffee & Cake Christmas Party

Miles; “Filthy Habits, Tantrums, The Spurs and I’m gutted to hear Blakfish have split.”
What are you plans for 2010 with the band?

Miles; “Getting back in everyones good books! We’ve got some recordings in the pipeline too… And plenty of gigs of course…”
Seany; “The recordings yeah that’s a big one and we’re gonna be going up North playing a few student digs. We’ll be going at everything full throttle now we’re past the teething stages.”

Keep them peeled for exclusive live performances from The S.P.G. on Blue Whale TV.

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