Review: Savant @ The Rainbow

The Rainbow
18th February 2010

The opening three way drum ambuscade of ‘Samba’ batters warmth into the icy Rainbow with a fierce groove from the fledgling Savant. Fresh meat, or, more specifically veal, is simmering away just nicely and despite their obvious youth, it’s quite clear that this three parts Kings Heathen, one part Moseleyan band have been listening to a hell of a lot of the right records.

The dueling guitar double fretboard tapping is reminiscent of Venice Ahoy or Maps and Atlases while the Ed Florance’s outstanding drumming is clearly knowing nod to Battles. Then we have the post grunge melodic charms similar to that of fellow Midlander’s Bronze Medals or perhaps Cap’n Jazz. Squint your ears a little and this budding outfit could quite easily sit alongside the likes of Brummie acts Calories, Johnny Foreigner and Shana Tova. Eventually.

So, while experience and confidence on stage may not be on their side, a depth of musical knowledge clearly is. Tonight we can ignore the massive gaps of dead air between the tunes and the odd out of tune guitar as Savant are hugely exciting and even more promising. ‘Coffins’ is arguably their stand out tune during the set with Frank Hjálmtýr Lindsay’s agit-vocal and piercing guitar jabs, but the journey of spiraling guitar trickery and burst of carnival poundings from beginning to end impresses and all the more so for their adolescence without naivety.

Andy Roberts

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2 responses to “Review: Savant @ The Rainbow

  1. How long have you been waiting to use Kings Heathen in a review? Only jealous cause I never thought of it myself

  2. Erm, I opened my mouth and out it came. Like a bit of sick.

    What time do you call this Stuks? Saw your Tweets, can’t you knock yourself out with whiskey?

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