‘The last half an hour before sleep is usually spent with Jerry Seinfeld’ – Interview with Tubelord

Kingston based Tubelord have had an exciting four years and 2010 is certain to be no different. The band are hitting The Rainbow in Birmingham on Sunday 21st February as part of the Club NME Specials Tour and so we thought it appropriate to get some inside info from the band themselves.

Joe, Dave and Sean are a trio who have an act of great randomness that is something else. At one time or another they had plans to move to Gothenburg, but then decided against it as they realised that Bristol is closer than Sweden. Just your average everyday thought.

When asked what they enjoy doing to relax singer Joe Pendergrast comments, “To relax is to keep busy!” These young driven guys seem to enjoy the pace that is the music business but make an exception when, “the last half an hour before sleep is usually spent with Jerry Seinfeld & Co.”

Their new single ‘Stacey’s Left Arm’ is released on 22nd February and the addictive shimmers of guitar at the beginning is instantly a pull before the drums start a brilliant funk bounce which morphs into a journey of contrasting time signatures that according to Joe is; “one of the few songs we have written where the title is related to the song writing process.”

Are you looking forward to performing as part of the Club NME Specials Tour in Birmingham?
“Yeah I think so, the gig is with our good friends SHAPES, dead sound bunch of fellas they are. Finally catching up with friends and making new ones throughout the course of the night always seems to be the way of Birmingham gigs.”

One of the band’s very first shows was up Birmingham way in Walsall for an OXJAM all-dayer, performing with the likes of the now sadly defunct Blackfish. “It was our first experience of the industrial jam-jar that is Birmingham.”

Where is the best/favourite place you have performed at?
“Cork is insane. The best place we have performed…Or at least the most peculiar was probably above the English Channel on Brighton Pier.”

Tubelord’s musical influences are maybe a little surprising, given the battering ram of sound that they are capable of.  Joe asserts that the likes of Phil Collins and Madonna get their collective creative juices flowing because: “It’s a lot of fun, and very satisfying. I guess it’s easy to listen to as it’s currently free of promotion, no-one on the radio is telling me to listen to it, and it’s purely voluntary.”

Collins: A major influence on Tubelord

Which other bands are you listening to at the moment?
“Ok ok….Koppen, Jeffrey Lewis, Bettie Serveert, Surfer Blood, The Lord Dog Bird, Black Elk, Yeasayer.”

What are your plans for 2010?
“A new release set for the Summer which we’re all excited about…reshuffling the Tubelord deck of cards and most probably, more touring all over!”

See Tubelord play their cards right The Rainbow on Sunday 21st with support from SHAPES and Tantrums. For more info and £6 advanced tickets, go to the Birmingham Promoters website here.

Jennifer Isles
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