Review: The Scholars / Chapel Club / The Naked Youth @TheFlapperBrum

NB Jeff Stuka is rude. His review below contains some unsavoury terminology that some people may find distasteful. His views and opinions are those of his own and not necessarily those of The Blue Whale Blog.

The Scholars / Chapel Club / The Naked Youth
Birmingham Promoters
The Flapper
13th February 2010

Hey sexual people of the internet, let me tell you about The Naked Youth, a bunch of sexy young boys who do hot things with their instruments.  Now there’s an opening statement to attract the attention of the Paedo-Police.  Before some tabloid-reading, minus IQ dildo starts scrawling badly spelt graffitti across the Blue Whale walls, let me make this clear.  THIS IS A GIG REVIEW.  THE NAKED YOUTH ARE A MUSICAL BAND OF ADULT MEN.  A VERY GOOD BAND OF ADMITTEDLY SEXY YOUNG MEN BUT STILL PERFECTLY LEGAL, CONSENTING ADULTS, OK.  Back to the music. Visceral monster riffs that sound like a giant sawmill tearing chunks of beef off living breathing cows (that’s the animal rights and vegans offended – I’m doing well tonight).  Think Zep meets RATM and you might get some way there.  Energetic to the point you could cook bacon on their hot naked youthful bodies.  Mmm, bacon rock. I ate it up like a starving child.

Chapel Club are out of towners who purport to come from the mighty southern smoke but sound like Manchester on a salty evening in November.  Echoes of Joy Div interspersed with Morrissey angst mixed with shimmering guitars and soaring choruses, a trickling paradox of uplifting melancholia.

It’s a well planned and executed set which manages to generate a stadium feel without those nasty whiffs of Coldplay or U2 infiltrating. Well done, Chapel Club, don’t be a stranger, come back soon.

Ooh, hello Scholars, that sounds very promising with those ringing axes and hint of electroids.  Another band with a nod to Joy Division slash New Order and inevitably Joy Division impressionists, Editors, but better than them. Also surprisingly (and they may not thank me for saying this but I mean it as a good thing) I felt strongly reminded of The Bravery.

Perhaps chiming guitars and broody atmospherics are a little passé now (c’mon it’s eight years now since Interpol’s first album), but The Scholars do it with such aplomb and have the tunes and the performance to back it up, and on that basis, I’m very tempted to recommend them as a hot tip for future.

Jeff Stuka

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One response to “Review: The Scholars / Chapel Club / The Naked Youth @TheFlapperBrum

  1. Thanks for the kind words Jeff, after seeing the disclaimer I was gearing myself up for a slating haha!

    Obviously when we were all wee nippers we came together over the Editors/Interpol appreciation but we also have a lot of love for The Bravery so no worries about offending us!

    Tim x

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