Review: The Black and Reds / The S.P.G. / Sculptors / Skeletons! @ Baddies Boogie @ The Actress & Bishop

The Black and Reds/ S.P.G/ Sculptors/ Skeletons!
Baddies Boogie
Actress and Bishop
Ludgate Hill
9th February 2010

Baddies Boogie is back at the Actress and Bishop with a lineup that should definitely shock, if not impress the adorning loose youth crowd.

And shock is exactly what we get from opening band Skeletons! With tri-vocal, horror-esque, ghoulish screams, and songs which would terrify your grandmother to an early grave, Skeletons! pulled the crowd into their murky world, and even at one point were too much for one listener who found one song overly distressing. However you want to look at it, a definite impact was made!

Sculptors toned it down in the sense of crap your pants, but their sonic effects laden compositions were vast and colossal at times. Bestowing the audience with stop/start disco beats, fuzzy riffs, and J.Casablancas fashioned vocals, it was easy for us to enjoy and be a part of their well thought out operation.

Main support for tonight comes from punk with a gun to your head, four-piece, S.P.G. From instrumental opener, ‘Salamander’ the audience immediately know what they are going to be apportioned. Pacey, trouncing music, tangled in charming narratives of the here and now. ‘Miss Paisley’ and ‘Single Mom Prostitute’ cut to the bone and feel dark and sinister in real terms, in contrast to Skeletons! “living dead”.

Finally to grace the stage are The Black and Reds, a tight knit two-piece rhythm and blues/classic rock act from Birmingham. It was a pleasure for us to watch Grandmaster percussionist, Ash Black, stand throughout the set in front of his drum kit, a complete showman with talent in droves. With the oldest of the previous acts, being no older than 21, it was immensely apparent in forms of experience, stature and musicianship, why The Black and Reds were the headline act. They had us and the audience hooked from the start, with their grooves, beats and licks, with even the lesser rhythmic individuals, succumbing to the music with their own, two-step, knee bent bop.

Definitely a gig that slowly rose in stages and prominence, from the dank depths of Skeletons! to card shark creations from the Black and Reds, Baddies Boogie, once again successfully delivered another off the cuff, impulsive show.

Tommo Barnes

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