The Blue Whale Radio Show on @RhubarbRadio

Rhubarb Radio

By some strange and perverse twist of fate and questionable logic, the lovely fellas at Rhubarb Radio have allowed Blue Whale Studios to attempt our very own radio show.

Here you can listen to our pilot show with the Rt. Hon. Matthew Beck and Feudal Baron Greg Haines from the beautiful This is Tomorrow.

This Is Tomorrow

Whether we will be permitted to have a regular slot on the station, remains to be seen. Please let us know what you think, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I know I say “erm” more than any other word. I just get a bit nervous on air right?

The idea behind the show is to showcase the finest acts that record at Blue Whale Studios as well as spin tunes that are currently bubblin’ round the blogs at the mo.

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1. ‘Autumn Glow’ – Boat to Row (Recorded live at Blue Whale)
2. ‘Martin Luther King Day’ – Times New Viking
3. ‘Run Little Rabbit’ – Little Palm (Recorded at Blue Whale)
4. ‘Keep Your Magic Out of My House’ – Spectrals
5. ‘See the World’ – James Rea (Recorded live at Blue Whale)
6. ‘The Brink’ – Calories
7. ‘Ninki vs Dingle’ – Sunset Cinema Club (Recorded live at Blue Whale)
8. ‘I am The Garden’ – Greg Bird & Flamingo Flame
9. ‘Feel it All Around’ – Washed Out
10. ‘Norway’ – Beach House

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