Writers Wanted

Is this you?

Do you have a way with words? Are you nifty with the nib? Versatile with your vocab?

Are you a daddio hip to the swing or a crazy jazz cat purring to the latest bebops on the pop parade?

Basically, can you write about music without sounding like a complete plonker?

The Blue Whale Blog, the online networking hub for the incredible Blue Whale Recording Studios at The Custard Factory in Birmingham is looking for talented writers to fill these very web pages with the inside scoop on what is happening in and around the beautiful city of Birmingham.

In return you will not only be associated with the sexiest new music blog in the whole wide internet, you will gain free access to any (pretty much) gig that you so desire within t’Midlands, great examples for your portfolio as well as an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the vast Blue Whale Estate.

Why would anyone not want to?

If you’re interested please drop us an email at andrew-roberts [at] hotmail.co.uk with the words; ‘I’m the bomb, you’re my bag. Let’s show these crumbs how to lay it down,” in the subject bar.


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