“It can get toxic in our practice room!” An Interview with Martyr De Mona

Dudley hard rockers Martyr De Mona were one of the very first bands to come into Blue Whale Studios and put our new TL Audio valve desk through it’s paces with producer Russ Tite. Their track, ‘Eva’ which was recorded here at The Whale is to be featured on the February 8th edition of Devolution Magazine compilation CD which is certain to bring the band much wider attention.

“We’re looking forward to getting a bit of exposure in there,” says lead singer Louis. “We plan to gig as much as possible (this year), expand the fan base, play a festival 
or two and write a hatful of new songs. We’re planning our EP launch for March this year and also we’re doing the Rural Rampage tour in the summer, which involves us traveling to rural areas to play for people who normally have to travel lengthy distances to see a show. Our manager Shelley is working tirelessly so we’ll be very busy this summer.”

“If someone wants to give us a record deal that would be nice!” optimistically quips guitarist Simon.

How was your time at Blue Whale Studios?

“We had a great time recording with Russ,” says Louis. “We got the work done but had a good laugh at the same time.”

“We already knew Russ and Benny at Blue Whale through our now ex drummer Jay Miles,” says Simon. “So the whole experience was stress and worry free. Russ had seen us live so he knew what sound we were aiming for on the recording.”

Assistant manger and lyricist Chris agrees: “Russ was really helpful. He left the creative control to the band but came up with some awesome ideas and sounds. I really enjoyed the mixing sessions.”

Eva by Martyr de Mona Recorded at Blue Whale Studios

“We recorded here in June 2008 and the tracks were up on our Myspace right up until a couple of weeks ago when we replaced them with the 
latest ones,” adds Louis. “We came back because we wanted to work with Russ and we love the set up at The Whale.


Si: “Yeah very decent equipment, the professionalism and talent of the studio engineering as well as the sense of humour of the staff. Not forgetting Russ’ famous laugh.”

What are the band’s joint influences?

Louis: “We’re all big fans of Tool, Alice in Chains, Down and Alter Bridge. We
 even cover the odd Down and Alter Bridge track!

Si: “Most of the grunge and post grunge bands from the 90’s and early 00’s too, especially Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack. Bands like A Perfect Circle are a big influence for the band too. I think our individual influences work as well as the joint ones as it creates something that isn’t genre specific.


Chris: “Bands like Tool and Guns N’ Roses are a massive influence. Lyrically, Axl Rose and Maynard are big influences on me.”

You must have some guilty pleasures?

“Shakespeare’s Sister and East 17,” admits Louis. “In fact we’ve been known to pull out the odd East 17 cover at Christmas! Apart from that – drinking until the early hours followed by a McDonald’s breakfast.”

Si: “Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Elton John. Otherwise, dressing up in drag from time to time haha… must be the Elton John influence.”

Chris: “I’d say Bon Jovi and Whitesnake…but I don’t feel too guilty about that! Definitely feel guiltier about owning a Savage Garden CD.”

“Currently we’re mainly listening to our 3 new tracks! And a bit of Bloodsimple,

” adds Louis.

Si: “I’ve been listening to a mix this week – lots of bands including our new tracks, Silverchair, Soundgarden, Mastodon, Incubus, Down, Deftones, Bloodsimple and Alter Bridge.

Chris: “The new Muse album, our promo and Chinese Democracy in the car all the time.”

What has been the best gig that you’ve done?

“There’s quite a few gigs that stand out for me but my personal favourite 
has to be The Barfly in Birmingham early last year,” says Louis. “It’s a cracking
 venue and the sound quality on stage is amazing.

“I love the sound at the Barfly,” agrees Simon. “Love playing our local at the Leopard in Kingswinford too!”

Any strange tales of groupies or stalkers?

Louis: “Simon has a stalker on Myspace, I think. Tell ’em Si…”

Simon: “No, I’ve lost her. We’ve drifted apart. I had a middle aged American woman too. They must have left the social graveyard formally known as Myspace to get on Facebook!”

Who’s got the worst habit in the band and what is it?

Louis: “Simon eats lots of food that gives him smelly burps!”

Simon: “Louis eats lots of food that gives him smelly farts! It can get toxic in our practice room! And I tend to moan about my receding hairline – a lot!”

Martyr De Mona are playing at The Golden Cross in Coventry on 12th February and the Black Horse Rock Bar in Birmingham on the 13th. All gig dates can be found at www.myspace.com/martyrdemona where you can also hear more tunes and sign up to their mailing list.

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