Review: Vinny and The Curse / Aurora Plastic Monster

Vinny and The Curse / Aurora Plastic Monster
Birmingham Promoters
The Flapper
30th January 2010

Sexy garage psyche rock is the theme at The Flapper tonight with Norway’s Aurora Plastic Monster writhing and thrusting with their chugging bass and gothic organ.

As lusty as they look, there is just that killer bite that is missing – partly to do with the fact that they have opted against employing a guitarist, a key ingredient for that perfect garage sound, leaving us with a kind of Keane does The Cramps feeling where we’re hoping for at least a smidgen of Death from Above.

Of course, rules are there to be broken maaan and perhaps the lack of axe could be forgiven if the vocals had more attack in them. Still, it’s not a complete waste of sound waves as a rather fetching cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Lucifer Sam’ has us licking our lips in approval.

Filling the six string void for us are Vinny and The Curse with their visceral punk blues. Any fans of Scott ‘Vinny’ Abbott’s former colossus, The Big Bang, would probably agree that you could listen to him play for hours on end and not tire of his signature grunts and wails of rampant guitar riffery.

With ex Mobsters drummer, Rich, completing the stripped down but some how gargantuan sounding line up, we’re treated to a raunchy surge of screaming psyche.

Visually too, Vinny and The Curse add dashes of minimal artistry to great effect, the pair dressed in ponchos and sombreros, of which the latter occasionally gets in the way of the 1960’s style telephone receiver that Scott is using for a microphone. Behind the band a white light box beams with their name printed in Gills Sans, left justified – very classy.

Andy Roberts

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One response to “Review: Vinny and The Curse / Aurora Plastic Monster

  1. Gills Sans? We don’t want that type around here.

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