Crashing the Party – An Interview with Mazzy from @_ChicksDigJerks

After crashing Rhubarb Radio with their pilot show due to the sheer volume of listeners tuning their computers in, Chicks Dig Jerks have somehow been allowed back to the station to show off their delectable taste in music and some of the worst taste subject matter our fragile ears have ever been subjected to.

The Blue Whale Blog thought it best to get the inside scoop from chief jerk digger, Mazzy Snape.

For the uninitiated, what is Chicks Dig Jerks all about?

“It’s all a bit selfish really! Chicks Dig Jerks came about because we wanted to hear music that we liked and no one else seemed to be playing it. Cold Rice were to some extent but only a small part of what we were into. At the time bands like The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Kills etc were all releasing their debut EPs, The White Stripes were just getting big – there was a lot of cool new music to get excited about. We combined all that with classic post-punk and new wave etc.”

Bamber, Jim and Maz

“Then we started a fanzine because there didn’t seem to be any in Birmingham and we asked bands and DJs we loved questions that we wanted to know the answers to! We fell into promoting live music by accident because we met Bright Eyes after a gig in Manchester and they asked us if we’d be up for putting on a gig for another band on their label, Saddle-Creek, called Azure Ray. After that first successful gig we soon got inundated with gig offers, our main aim was to bring good bands to Birmingham who would normally miss Brum off the tour altogether.”

What inspired you to start a radio show?

“It’s a way of us giving a platform for unsigned and local bands, give people a taster of what to expect from our nights and also playing music we love which might not be suitable to DJ out to a sweaty, eager dance floor! It also fills the void that was left when we stopped doing our fanzine, gives us chance to voice our opinions, interview bands and DJs, have a laugh and just offer something a bit different.”

You almost destroyed Rhubarb Radio with your pilot as so many people tried to tune in, why were they so irresponsible as to let you broadcast again?

“Ha ha! Well I think our show has the most listeners (on Rhubarb Radio) and we do plenty to promote the station so I’m sure they don’t mind.”

Not that many people haven’t heard it already, but to those in the dark ,what does the show consist of?

“It’s not a format which is set in stone and we’re still only in our beginning stages but generally we’ll play songs we’ve picked. This may be a theme, for example, best songs of the decade, have a guest, featured band or DJ who will also pick songs, competitions, a gig guide, general chat and our extremely popular ‘Ask Maz’ agony aunt section whereby listeners can email, Facebook and Twitter us with their problems and questions to be answered live on air.”

The air can turn quite blue on occasion especially with potty mouthed Gareth Ackerman’s regular jibes at baggy Brummies, The Twang, citing them as analogous to a certain part of the female anatomy as well as questionable discussions on the best way to dispose of dead prostitutes. Have you had any livid complaints about the lewd content?

“No complaints ha ha. The last show was particular bad due to our colourful guests but I think we will give a warning in future to be on the safe side. General feedback has been excellent though.”

As you seem to have Birmingham’s internet radio cornered, what are the plans for the future with CDJ? Have you ever thought of starting your own label?

“I’m going to focus my efforts on the radio show and continued promotion for now. Of course I’ve contemplated starting a label and had even been promised financial backing from a bigger label at one point until the recession hit, It’s definitely something that will happen in the future but I’m conscious of spreading my efforts too thinly so it’s not going to happen right now. Watch this space.”

Tune in to Rhubarb Radio every second Thursday here to hear each beautifully curated show splattered with expletives and also try the infamous the pilot found below or at CDJ’s Soundcloud page here.

Chicks Dig Jerks are hosting their club night at The Queen of Hoxton, London on Friday 29th January featuring Blood Oranges live and DJ sets from Chicks Dig Jerks themselves, Gutter Skank, Dan Neon and Chris Tache.

CDJ Fun Bus to London 29th Jan

Then things will get extra specially sexy at The Rainbow in Digbeth as Hott Date‘s Blood Lust takes over on Valentine’s Day featuring turntable fondling from New Scotland Yard, Tussle, Enid Blight On, The Vanilla Soul Sound Machine as well as a Blind Date Game and Confessions Corner with cheap drinks offers from 3pm until midnight.

Hott Date - Blood Lust @ The Rainbow

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    Potty-mouthed, indeed!

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