Review: Green Gables @ We Love Wednesdays @TheBullsHead

Green Gables
We Love Wednesdays @ The Bulls Head
20th Jan 2010

Green Gables aren’t selling out with any of that internet shit – besides, not having a Myspace is the new having a Myspace.

The fledgling three piece are wisely allowing themselves to develop off the radar so that they can hone their live craft before unleashing their material via the scrutiny of the web.

Well, we’ve kind of decided to hype the fuck out of them so that we can claim that we saw them first and when they do hit it big, Blue Whale will be hailed as some kind of indie Nostradamus.

Then when they’re massive, we’ll render them unit shifting crack whores saying that they sold their souls after ‘that Bulls Head gig’.

Exaggeration of course is the key to reviewing live music and the above gush is no exception. Let’s not get carried away here.

Green Gables, although a way off the finished article, are showing some real glimpses of promise. White noise Joy Division feedback slices through flexy Gang of Four disco bass with spurts of noodling Can like guitar lines dancing around the rhythym section equals a sonically expansive aesthetic with a flowing feel.

‘Reach Out’ with its Gothic funk is where they show the most capability as the BPM rises along with the conviction of the band – think early New Order with Paul Simonon on bass.

There’s something potentially very big in there and once they hit the nail on the head consistently through a set, Green Gables could conquer dance floors and festival fields alike.

Andy Roberts

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2 responses to “Review: Green Gables @ We Love Wednesdays @TheBullsHead

  1. green gables are great !! love their type of music…… and ‘Brighton’ is my favourite song that they have done! 🙂 KEEP IT UP GABLESSSSSS !!!!!! xxxxxxxx

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