Upcoming: Swimming Without Water @moseleyrdbaths

Swimming Without Water 18th Feb - 15th Mar

Swimming Without Water’ is a contemporary art exhibition at Moseley Road Pool Edwardian swimming baths which opens 18th February.

The artists, Debbie Akam, Flora Gare and Tim Skinner, are working to bind their works with the historic building and aim to repopulate it through an engagement with the building and the audience, both swimmers and non-swimmers through the medium of art.

All are welcome to enjoy and experience the project, including many who do not see themselves as being interested in visual arts. Works by artist Debbie Akam will be made through the participation of audience members and local groups, and different events and activities throughout the show are there to inform, entertain and help with the ongoing conversation between art, space and audience.

“Swimming Without Water” has been organised by Birmingham based independent curators Jimmy Lindqvist and Maria Regla Garcia-Bernal. Both are interested in curating site-specific exhibitions by emerging artists in the public realm to create interaction between art, audience and space.

Opening times Wed- Friday 11am – 6.30pm / Sat 11am – 5pm / Sun 11am – 2pm

Private View on Thursday 18th February from 6pm – 8pm

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