Review – Tempting Rosie, (silver) souvenirs @ We Love Wednesdays, The Bulls Head

Tempting Rosie, (silver) souvenirs
We Love Wednesdays
The Bulls Head
6th January 2010

Despite only having to walk about twenty yards down the Alcester Road, Blue Whale still manages to nearly stack it about forty times on the ice rink that has formed from outside The Fighting Cocks to The Bulls Head, where the first We Love Wednesdays of the decade is being held tonight.

Anyway you’re probably sick to death of everyone talking about the fucking weather by now; you’re here for music (presumably) or at least words about said subject, so here goes…

Feeling seasonally disaffected this wintry evening are (silver) souvenirs. After the hype of their early shows and the many ears that have pricked up to their promising Myspace demos, they’ve only gone and lost their drummer to the NHS.

He’s not been hospitalised, (although the rest of the band may now like to ensure that) percussionist Andrew Boazman has decided to, erm, up sticks and focus on his career as a nurse rather than continue with the hotly tipped ‘venirs.

Tsk! The youth of today, eh? More interested in saving lives than having cocaine snorted off their anus backstage by a midget hermaphrodite prostitute these days. What next, Iggy Pop in a fucking car insurance advert?

So, the Foals-esque disco is tamed tonight in favour of a smoother vibe and is still solid despite the lack of driving back beat with the guitars twinkling behind Steven Hutton’s vocals as the warmth of ‘Diamonds’ slides through the night air.

Drummers take note, these guys could well be going places, so they are worthy of an inquiry into the percussive position…

The usual high energy ska of Tempting Rosie is somewhat softened by the stripped down nature of a We Love Wednesday’s set but this doesn’t prevent them getting the crowd swaying to their rich, brass punctuated pop.

This is a splash of smiling sunshine to contrast the bitterness outside and it’s got Blue Whale grinning with mellowy dub goodness. ‘Fear’ especially being a case in point that really gets the shoulders rolling and us really trying so, so, very hard not to end the review with a shit pun about resisting temptation.


Andy Roberts

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