Review – Major Lazer @ Bigger Than Barry, The Rainbow Warehouse

NB: This review was originally submitted for publication elsewhere but was not used, hence the lateness. We’ve posted it to prove that we’re not lazy, non-review writing guest list blaggers.

Major Lazer
Bigger Than Barry @ The Rainbow Warehouse

The Bigger Than Barry phenomenon continues apace with the fervently anticipated hosting of Major Lazer. No doubt their mash up masterpiece, ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do,’ will be a heavy weight contender for album of the year, but it’s the live sound system that is sucking in the thousands through the door of The Rainbow Warehouse tonight.

Diplo by Andrew Witts -

The snare cracks of ‘Hold The Line’ are met with a fierce sea of arms raised to the roof and hips winding round the dance floor – even Blue Whale finds it impossible not to shake its arse like Borat with a flare up of piles. The auto-tune dancehall mayhem of latest single, ‘Keep it Goin Louder,’ signals a climax to the set with the bass rumbling so hard it makes our nostrils twitch.

Bigger than Major.

Andy Roberts

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