#top10BrumBands of the Decade by David Duell (ex-Fade to Sepia)

David Duell, ex-lead singer of Fade to Sepia and The Conscripts, is the latest to join in the festive fun by giving us his top ten favourite bands of the decade. Voting closes on Boxing Day, so if you want to get involved, email us at andrew-roberts@hotmail.co.uk or comment in the box below.
10. Violet Beauregarde

Violet Beauregarde

‘Cinnamon’ is a cracking tune, and the rest of the repertoire isn’t far behind… this is Riot Grrl for the art-rock kids.
9. Sabotage Left

Sabotage Left

A terrific live act and just as good on record, I only ever caught them live a couple of times but they always blew me away.
8. Debaser / Baise-Moi


Again, sadly demised (I think), but I hope for something to rise from the ashes. I remember guitars being swung around with much more style than I ever accomplished.
7. Untitled Musical Project

Untitled Musical Project

These boys rock out with a cracking sense of style, and a cracking sense of how to batter vocal chords. I like.
6. 35 Seconds

35 Seconds

5. Sunset Cinema Club

Sunset Cinema Club

Angular, successful, energetic and with a name that has overtones of dodginess. ‘Nuff said.
4. The Bourgeois Four

The Bourgeois Four

I loved this band when I first saw them in 2005, all the way through until I last saw them in 2008 (?), and I love them still. I want them to reform and so should everyone else.
3. The Racists / Miss Halliwell

Miss Halliwell

Mental. Beautiful. Ambitious. Deservedly so.
2. Deadly Long Legs

Deadly Long Legs

Not strictly a Birmingham band, but I figure it was their adopted hometown – now sadly demised, “Washington Sniper”, “The Nam” and “Love Wolf” will always be in the beat-up Texan garage in my heart.
1. Cerwin


These boys were Fade to Sepia’s soulmates on the circuit and we loved them. Moderate Rock’s violent, howling, kickass brother.

I started out on the Stratford-upon-Avon scene (“what scene?!” I hear you cry – you’re not far from the truth) and I’d give spirited nods to Revellers Riot and Fuck Your Haircut from the ‘Ford, who I would dearly love to have included… I’ll see all you boys, gals and undecideds on the gigging circuit next year, fingers crossed…
David Duell

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