Black Market Empire / (silver) souvenirs / Yuck / Barnesy

Black Market Empire / (silver) souvenirs / Yuck / Barnesy
Birmingham Promoters
The Flapper

Tonight The Flapper is full of youth and hair dos. Band spotting occupies our time until we can settle back for Carlo Solazzo’s Birmingham Promoters line up of the latest acts to keep a sharp ear on.

Barnsey is a Birmingham based acoustic solo artist whose fast paced delivery is a treatise on what has gone awry in our streets and hearts. He delivers a frustrated word spew at supersonic speeds that burns into our ears. He’s a poet of the British estates, a voice in the dark when The Flapper lights dip and leave him in the black and smoke. The future IS bright, when this is the kind of perfectly blended guitar and sharp, far reaching words that can speak for us.

Yuck are wildcards. A diverse line up of palm tree haired drummer, tall foppish ganglatron, sharp suited guitarist and spinning dark haired female bassist. Up from London for their first gig, they are unafraid. They are part Unicorns, part Pavement, part Pixies, part Pretty Girls Make Graves and they are relentless. High guitar inflections and heady bass lines form a swell that takes the crowd by surprise. This is music to dance to, designed to tear yells from burning lungs. It will twist your face into new shapes.

The crowd are here for two bands tonight, the first of which are bracketed math-rock outfit (silver) souvenirs. Their dance mission begins with several forays into a crowd already spinning in circles. Fast paced, hyperactive and wild with obstreperous onstage antics they’re a treat for the eyes and ears. They are infectious and there’s a Flapper sized foot stamp, a stage invasion and several near misses as guitar heads bleeding with buzz beats almost connect with juddering necks.

(silver) souvenirs by Nav Kataria -

Sweaty and loose limbed is the perfect state to be in for tonight’s biggest  draw, Black Market Empire. They have a power over the crowd that seems to be here just for them, as chants fill the smoke thick air at their feet. Their singer locks his words tight into a jaw that is tension edged from the first riff then releases them along with a whole heap of rock and roll. They’re ones to watch and on a mission to prove that the heart of England still has it. Tonight’s line up proves it certainly does.

Lindsey Kent

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