Blakfish / Shapes / All or Nothing / Idiosync / Soni-Quella

Blakfish / Shapes / All or Nothing / Idiosync / Soni-Quella
Blakfish Xmas Party Extravaganza
The Flapper

Tonight Soni-Quella are so good, Blue Whale has the urge to tell them to fuck off. Just where do they get their nerve? Vocals ricocheting off each other like The Futureheads after a keg of White Lightning, a Modern Warfire style attack of a kick drum and equilibrium smashing prog-metal make this band undeniably awesome. Their manner as they emerge on stage is somewhat understated and we are not expecting to be as thoroughly entertained as we are as they squeeze our attention span with math-rock guitar battles and oblique but effortless time and tempo changes. The Blue Whale Blog will be following these guys closely from now on, in anticipation of greatness.

We’re truly gutted for Idiosync as technical issues prevent them from unleashing their brutal art disco that we have fallen in love with in recent months. They could only whet our appetite as two songs in the bass packs in and the band leave the stage mournfully frustrated. To cheer them up, we’re going to buy 50 copies of their excellent new single, ‘Shards‘, and you should too.

As good as All or Nothing are technically, unfortunately and especially after Soni-Quella, their lack of narrative in the set means that their Greenday / Blink 182 emo punk falls short as far as we’re concerned at least. Still they seem to be doing pretty well as the swelling Flapper crowd are clearly enjoying it – the band have their niche and they’re sticking to it and it’s working for them.

Shapes are all top end and chugging bass and are at their best tonight when playing at a hundred miles an hour. Hang on, did the bassist just turn his head 360 degrees? This white noise hardcore is certainly having an effect on us. Happily, they remind us of the sadly defunct, The Vinegarstroke, with their chasing guitar lines and vitriolic vocals from Steve Batchelor but also rhythmically flex like Battles at points.

Party hosts Blakfish, who have generously provided mince pies to everyone, are now giving us indigestion with their cynical shot at a Christmas hit, ‘The True Meaning of Christmas‘ which manages somehow to reference all those overplayed seasonal hits, allude to sexual intercourse and yet offer a truly melancholic refrain of ‘The true meaning of Christmas / Is missing you’. Yes, we’re confused but cheerfully so. Semi-novelty key changes aside, Blakfish are a heavy weight whiplash hardcore act that mix humour and angst perfectly while taking a Brillo pad to your ear canals.

A happy hardcore Christmas to you all x

Andy Roberts

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3 responses to “Blakfish / Shapes / All or Nothing / Idiosync / Soni-Quella

  1. Shites! You didn’t waste anytime did you. No I feel obligated to get it done before Wednesday

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