Goodnight Lenin / Tom Bellamy / Greg Smith

Goodnight Lenin / Tom Bellamy /Greg Smith
We Love Wednesdays
Bulls Head

A happy Wednesday crowd stand ready to have midweek blues scraped from their faces at The Bull’s Head. The promoter responsible for this new love of Wednesdays, Duncan Strain, has put together a musical selection of fine young talent that sit by side perfectly. A treat for your auditory cortex awaits.

Greg Smith is suffering the winter of discontent. Strings flung out, tuning awry yet delivering on soundscapes wrought on his guitar body in red lights. He’s an unassuming presence on stage yet captivating for the audience. One to watch, quietly foot stepping to the beat that engages this pub fresh crowd.

Onto Tom Bellamy, the young singer-songwriter from Bristol, who is an unmistakable presence in The Bull’s Head tonight. He stands quietly and releases on a heavy out breath, songs which wrap us in golden twine. It’s music that speaks bravely into the quiet with emotive lyrics voicing the silence inside. He stands somewhere inside our subconscious, articulating the slipstreams of our sadness. Yet it is his restless push-quick vocals and clever part-percussive guitar work that summons up a bit of fire. The crowd gaze and shiver, comforted.

What can be said about Goodnight Lenin that hasn’t already been eloquently put by Blue Whale already at a recent outing in King’s Heath? They are ones about to buzz in Birmingham, a band of multiple multi-talented multi-instrumentalists ready to unleash a banjo storm. It’s dance dance in The Bull’s Head, a shape shift into the step to guitar land. Watch them soon.

Lindsey Kent

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