#top10BrumBands of the Decade by JP White

Ex-Gravity Crisis and Silversuit singer and ever present Brum gig goer, JP White gives us a discerning top ten. Fancy having a go at a top ten yourself? Comment below or drop us an email at andrew-roberts@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll add the votes together to reveal the people’s choice in January.

10. Murdoch / The Traps

The Traps

As with Dirty Soul I have seen this band a hell of alot, best one being when they played some art exhibition in a warehouse in Digbeth, they ooze melody and again should have been given a break nationally by now.

9. Dirty Soul

Dirty Soul

I have had so many great memories of their gigs, great lads, very passionate delivery and epic, Jamie’s solo stuff now shows clearly for all the wall of sound there are great heart felt songs at the core, and for that I think they need to be in the 10 for sure.

8. Tantrums


At present the city is a bit dry of real great songs in consistent supply, these don’t have one dud in their set, if they don’t get a deal then it agains shows (as with many acts on this list who didn’t get the break they deserved) that the industry is full of idiots without ears and only a liking for shit.

7. The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Frighteningly intimidating on stage, sound as a pound off it, these were by far the best live act of the list, and certainly for their first 2 years were top of the tree.

6. My Dad Hitla / Holster

My Dad Hitla

First up James Lissemore is the best guitarist in the city, fact … this band was incredible, the live performances were immense (even the “Murder on the dancefloor” incident at the Old Railway Andy) …. very inspiring band, actually got me out of my comfort zone of playing out and out pop and inspired me to rock it up alot more, they raised the bar, deserved more recognition.

5. Untitled Musical Project

The bastard sons of the town (Stafford ish …..) tore the skin from my ears in a very pleasant way the first time I saw them at the Flapper, the singer was an out and out oddball, I was therefore intrigued enough to not miss a single UMP gig in Brum for that following year and a half. Again, great album out now on Tigertrap Records (PLUG!).

4. Calories


I loved Distophia a lot, when I heard they’d called it a day I was gutted and certainly didn’t think they’d come back in a streamlined and even better form. Debut album is still regularly in my player, and always a great live act! Brilliant energy and songs.

3. Sunset Cinema Club

Sunset Cinema Club

So much fun, so many songs, and not an ounce of ego, you say they’re the band’s band? They sure are! Can’t wait to see them rocking Island Bar on 23rd December.
2. Editors / Snowfield

From the off I knew these would make it big, fantastic songs and the success they have had shows this is just, down to earth and eager to challenge themselves, a sure solid local band (well .. localish).

1. Shady Bard

Shady Bard

Without doubt the most beautiful band I’ve heard, their Gorky’s element was always going to hook me line and sinker …. the album did not disappoint and I eagerly await more from them, Lawrence is the most subtley brilliant songwriter I have heard. Enough said.

So that is it, I acknowledge also that 35 Seconds, The Starries, Mr Nobody , Sabotage Left and Johnny Foriegner were nearly in this but 10 is 10 …. what can you do?


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