#top10BrumBands of the Decade by Olly Forrester of Is I Cinema

Gratuitously wordy percussionist Olly Forrester from intellipoppers, Is I Cinema, gives his two pence worth in The Blue Whale Blog’s attempt at creating a people’s choice of the top ten bands from Birmingham since the dawn of the Millenium.
10. Scarlet Harlots

Scarlet Harlots

Effectively a reappraisal of Signing Off. And a much needed one.

9. Envy & Other Sins

Envy & Other Sins

T4 tripe aside, immaculate songsmithery & musicianship. See ‘Shipwrecked’ for starters.

8. The Courtesy Group

The Courtesy Group

Perhaps the only band mentioned to have courted Capsule and deservedly so.

7. Miss Halliwell

Miss Halliwell by Miles Perhower

‘An embarrassingly long list of influences.’  Birmingham’s finest lyric of the noughties?

6. Fade To Sepia / The Conscripts

The Conscripts

How Joy Div-inspired post punk should be served.

5. My Dad Hitla / I Am Zeitgeist

My Dad Hitla

Lissemore innit.

4. The Will To Rally

The Will To Rally

Grossly underrated and undiscovered. Costello brunching with The Polecats. ‘I Heart Birmingham’ is exemplary.

3. The Twang

Loathe them all you like but back in the early noughties, when Twang were more Never Mind The Bollocks than balladeering baggy, Etheridge’s quack was as refreshing as it was menacing.

2. Augustine


Painstakingly beautiful. Long may they remain Brum’s best kept secret.  ‘Voice On A Line’ and more recently ‘Bonfires’ would slap Pitchfork for six.

1. 35 Seconds

35 Seconds

A drummer’s choice of course but ‘Grudge Match’ is, as Mr Roberts himself once pointed out to me late one night in a Moseley juicer, Birmingham’s greatest ever unsigned song. Last seen in The Flapper precisely a year ago…

And not a brash bang or over-egged sunset in sight…

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