Freestyle – Photography / Illustration Showcase @ The Hare & Hounds

FREESTYLE is a showcase consisting of a small selection of works from twelve different photographers and illustrators in Birmingham. With a myriad of styles – from the colourful portraits of Alis Pelleschi and the conceptual photographs of Holly Nind – all the way to the imaginative graffiti illustrations of Phill Blake and Daisy Whitehouse. It aims to represent the different styles and ideas of artists throughout the city from all walks of life.

The showcase features the work of photographers & illustrators:

Alis Pelleschi

Cindy by Alis Pelleschi

Luke Halliley

Kids by Luke Halliley

Holly Nind

Holly Nind

Helen Flanagan

Joanne by Helen Flanagan

Leon Sparkes

Leon Sparkes

Daisy Whitehouse

Bum Bag by Daisy Whitehouse



& Phill Blake.

Natures Way by Phill Blake

The showcase is located in the back bar of the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath and starts on December 8 at 8pm. It is completely  with a DJ set from THE OTHER WOMANS CLUB and a spoken word performance from  Jodi Ann Bickley.

The work will remain on the walls over Christmas and the New Year and is also available to buy unless otherwise stated by the artists.

For further details, contact –


One response to “Freestyle – Photography / Illustration Showcase @ The Hare & Hounds

  1. I think everybody should come!! Prices ranging from £8 – £350 too, so come buy someone you love a piece of art for Christmas!! x

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