University of Birmingham Guild of Students

It’s almost midnight and the school disco DJ has been fobbing off the screaming mass of flaming estrogen with the ‘they’ll be on in two minutes’ line for over half an hour. But after a couple more floor fillers and completely out of nowhere, John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes cartwheels onto the stage, shortly followed by his younger twin Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes.

Collectively known as ‘Jedward’ and an overnight phenomenon, the boys from Ireland are instantly greeted by a myriad of digital cameras that form a tight defensive perimeter around the stage. Screams pierce the dense air and a hundred girls behind me try to push forward; no chance of them getting past Blue Whale in our red jeans and Jedward quiff however.

For five English pounds we’re treated to what is essentially four karaoke covers and a bit of banter as the twins quizzically brandish a University newspaper and every student swells with pride, but whether this is right or wrong is a much deeper question; despite all the hate campaigns it’s obvious that both John and Edward are two very nice lads who’s current hype and hysteria is everyone’s fault besides their own and maybe this is just cynical, but surely somewhere at the end of this Simon Cowell is making even more money.. if that’s even possible.

Part of Ireland's esteemed musical heritage, Jedward, photographed by Barry Bruce

Jedward themselves this evening are hilarious, entertaining and not very good in a way that most people have come to love in the sense that it completely discredits any lingering credibility from the very tired X Factor concept, but c’mon! Just four songs and no photo opportunities afterwards? Disappointment!

After trying to interpret their movements out of the Guild to no avail when they disappear offstage straight after belting out ‘Ghostbusters’ no sooner than 15 minutes after they initially came on, a girl feints to the right of us and we decide to call it a night. Spats start to break out between otherwise timid and quiet university students in a brutal quest to get a glimpse of the boys. Crazy scenes and time to make a quick exit!

Tim Mobbs


3 responses to “Jedward

  1. Have been a supporter of Jedward midway of watching them on the X factor…So read this story with interest and it did’nt fail, l felt like l was watching them also. Great story Tim!


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